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Thursday, 25 May 1972
Page: 2152

Senator WILLESEE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration, upon notice:

(1)   What are the names of the council members of the Good Neighbour Councils in each State and Territory.

(2)   What is the employee establishment of each of the above Councils.

(3)   What is the salary of each of the classes of employee referred to above.

Senator GREENWOOD-The Minister for Immigration has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1)   Accredited membership of Good Neighbour Councils in each Stale and Territory comprises more than 600 delegates of affiliated organisations and more than 5,000 voluntary workers and other representatives. 1 have assumed that the honourable senator wishes to have only the names of those members elected to the Executive Committee of the Good Neighbour Council in each State and Territory, and these are listed hereunder. It will be noted that the Good Neighbour Council of Queensland has an Executive Committee comprising Vice-Presidents only.


President -

Air Marshall Sir John McCauley, K.B.E., C.B.

Vice-Presidents -

MrsJ. Metcalfe. M.B.E.

Rev. C. W. Stolz

Mr M.Lajovic

Mrs W.Cullen, O.B.E.

Hon. Treasurer ;

Mr F.Johnson

Members -

MrsB. Bourke

Mr H.Frank

The Hon. Mrs E. Furley, O.B.E., M.L.C.

Dr C.H. Hoffman

Mr Mirabitur

Miss E. Needham

Mr T.Rutherford

Mr R.Treister

Mrs R.Tyson

Rev. R. O. Walder

Mrs D.Buckland

Mr J.Russell

Mr M.Maitland

Rev. D. Eland

Ex-officio Members -

Mr E.W. Waterman (Commonwealth Director of Migration)

Mr J.Cunningham (State Migration Officer)

Mr J.Lawson (State Manager, Commonwealth Hostels Ltd)

Mr G.Austen (Department of Labour and Industry)


President -

Mr M.Harrison, C.B.E., J.P.

Immediate-past President -

Mr H.R. McKenzie, M.B.E.

Vice-Presidents -

Mrs K.H. BrightParker

Rev. D. R. Cox

The Rev. Father J. Murphy

Mrs R.J. Reader, O.B.E., J.P.

Hon. Treasurer

Mr E.Thomlinson

Members -

Miss B. Battle

Mrs R.Ihle

Mrs B.Burton

Mrs I.Capek

Mr Graaf

Rev. J. D. Griffiths

Mrs J.Hamilton

Mr L.Levinson

Mr R.Lloyd

Mrs L.H. Pink

Brigadier W. Shaw

Mrs E.Utassy

Ex-officio Members -

Mr K.J. Smith (Commonwealth Director of Migration, Victoria)

Mr W.J. Dunne (Director, State Immigration Office)

Mr W.K. Allen (Department of Labour and National Service)

Mr .J. Ratos (Victorian Manager, Commonwealth Hostels Ltd)

Mr E.R. McClean (Supervisor, Migrant Education ; Adult)


President -

Mr R.H. Wainwright, O.B.E.

Vice-Presidents -

MrJ. van Vegchel

Dr G.Bonnin

Mr J.C. Lamb

Mrs S.H. Michael

Mr I.Debelak

Hon. Treasurer

Mr J.J. Rowell

Chairman of Contact Committee -

Mrs O.Hill

Ex-officio Members -

Mr V.White (Commonwealth Director of Migration)

Mr W.Sheehan (State Migration Officer)

Mr V.G. Atkinson (Department of Social Services)

Mr M.Mackrell (Slate Education Department)

Mr H.Bale (Commonwealth Hostels Ltd)


President -

Sir KeithWilson

Immediate Past President -

Mr J.Horton Evins

Vice-Presidents -

Mrs E.Mayo, O.B.E.

Mr I.B. C. Wilson

Mr J.A. Kiosoglous

Mr J.P. MacFarlane

Hon. Treasurer

Mr D.Neill

Members -

Mrs H.Bosch

Miss M. L. Davey, M.B.E.

Dr D.Gaal

Mr J.Guscott, M.B.E.

Mr C.W. Reeves

Rev. G. H. Young

Mr P.Riess

Ex-Officio Members -

Mr G.A. Cole (Commonwealth Director of Migration)

Mr K.J. Fitzgerald (Regional Director, Department of Labour and National Service)

Mr C.L. Fitzgerald (Department of Education and Science)

Mr T.R. Keig (State Immigration Officer)

Mr A.H. Sansom (Migrant Education Officer, S.A. Education Department)

Mr R.D. Gray (S.A. Manager, Commonwealth Hostels Ltd)

Mr D.W. Moffat (Public Relations Officer)

Mr R.N. Telfer (Editor of Newsletter)


President -

Mr J.R. Huelin

Immediate-Past President -

Mr W.W. Rawlinson, M.C.

Vice-Presidents -

The Rev. J. M. H. Rowdon

Mr M.L. T. Wright

Hon Treasurer

Mr G.T. F. Cook

Members -

Councillor P. H. Ashford, J.P.

Mr F.H. Goldsmith

Mr L.T. Mole

Mr E.G. Fielding

Mrs J.Oldham

Mrs E.Mcintosh

Mr G.C. Weggelaar

Mrs W.Kastner, J.P.

Mr E.Hardy

Mr J.Peterson

Mr G.Gaunt, J.P.

Mr R.E. Gollop, J.P.

Mrs M.Keogh

Mr H.A. White

Mrs C.Willock

Ex-Officio Members -

Mr J.H. Goodwin (Commonwealth Director of Migration)

Mr J.L. Fletcher (State Migration Officer)

Mr M.D. Robertson (Regional Director, Department of Labour and National Service)

Mr J.Wolny (Stale Manager, Commonwealth Hostel Ltd)

Dr A.Richardson (Immigration Advisory Council)


President -

Mr L.E. Hewitt

Vice-Presidents -

Mr M.F. Chesterman

Mr L.C. Powell

Hon. Treasurer

Miss M. J. Stewart

Public Relations Officer -

Mrs B.L. Davis

Members -

Mr W.Deckert

Mrs GL. Dye

Mrs V.McMahon

Mr W.Ivory

Mr A.C. Schluter

Ex-Officio Members -

Mr I.C. McKenzie (Commonwealth Director of Migration)

Mr S.G. Honey (State Migration Officer)


President -

Mr I.A. Krippner, M.B.E.

Senior Vice-President -

Miss M. Doyle

Vice-President -

Mr R.Kerr

Hon. Treasurer -

Mr J.D'esposito

Members -

Mrs C.Bingeman

Snr Inspector G. Grove

Mr F.Hadzel

Miss A. Maxwell

Mrs E.Bellhouse

Mrs T.E. Bashford

Mr C.Jarrett

Mr R.van Arkel

Mr W.H. Marsh

Mr F.Spitz


President -

Mr J.W. Sullivan

Vice-Presidents -

Mr A.E. Collins

Mr W.Hunter

Hon. Treasurer -

Mrs L.Powlerza

Members -

Mr J.McCormack

Rev. Fr Healy

Mr P.Fuchs

Mr M.Ammerlaan

Mrs LaPira

Mrs M.B. Walter

Mr M.C. Taylor

Ex-Officio Members -

Mr L.Liveris (Commonwealth Department of Immigration)

Mr R.G. Twigg (Department of Labour and National Service)



1 x State Secretary 1 x Social Worker 6 x Field Officers 1 x 1st Assistant 6 x 2nd Assistants 2 x 4th Assistants 1 x Junior


1 x State Secretary 1 x Social Worker 4 x Field Officers 1 x 1st Assistant 3 x 2nd Assistants 1 x 3rd Assistant 1 x 4th Assistant


1 x State Secretary 2 x Field Officers 1 x1st Assistant 1 x 2nd Assistant 2 x 4th Assistants 1 x Junior


State Secretary 1 x Social Worker 3 x Field Officers 1 X 1st Assistant 6 x 2nd Assistants 1 x 3rd Assistant 1 x 4th Assistant


1 x State Secretary 1 x Social Worker 2 x Field Officers 2 x 1st Assistants 3 x 2nd Assistants 2 x 4th Assistants


1 x State Secretary 1 x 2nd Assistant 1 x 3rd Assistant


1 x Secretary/Field Officer 1 x 2nd Assistant


1 x Secretary/ Field Officer 1 x 2nd Assistant



The social worker's salary is at the rate applicable to Commonwealth Public Service Social Workers in the State of employment.

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