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Wednesday, 24 May 1972
Page: 2051

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Repatriation, upon notice:

(1)   What is the scale of charges payable to general practitioners under the Repatriation Act for (a) surgery visits, and (b) home consultations.

(2)   ' Were these charges fixed by agreement between the Commonwealth and the Australian Medical Association.

(3)   What was the date on which the charges were agreed to, and for how long does the agreement run.

(4)   Are the scale of charges payable to general practitioners under the Repatriation Act also the subject of review by His Honour Mr Justice Kerr in his consideration of general practitioner charges to the public.

(5)   Are general practitioners allowed by the Department to add a mileage allowance to the fee they charge for home consultations under the Repatriation Act where the distance exceeds a certain mileage; if so, what is the rate of the allowance and the distance involved when such allowance becomes payable.

(6)   What was the amount paid to general practitioners under the Repatriation Act in each of the States last financial year and in the first six months of this financial year for (a) surgery visits, (b) home consultations, and (c) mileage allowance.


Minister for Repatriation has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1)   (a)$2.65, (b) $3.80.

(2)   Yes.

(3)   The current fees are effective from 1st July 1971, and will operate for a period of two years.

(4)   No.

(5)   Yes. Where it is necessary for a general practitioner to travel beyond a radius of two miles from the practitioner's surgery in order to visit a patient, other than in the course of his normal rounds and while visiting other patients in the area, a mileage allowance of 25c a halfmile or part thereof is payable in respect of the distance in excess of 2 miles travelled from the surgery to the patient (but not including the return trip).

(6)   The basis of recording of expenditure by the Repatriation Department does not enable the cost of mileage allowance paid to general practitioners to be isolated. However, the figures in the following table include mileage allowance payments:


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