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Thursday, 9 March 1972
Page: 677

Senator HANNAN (Victoria) - I support the amendment which has been moved by Senator Wright.I do so because of the very enormity of the crimes. Senator Murphy has agreed that they are dreadful crimes. A person who hijacks or lakes control of an aircraft, or who places a bomb on an aircraft and then remains on the ground, commits a careful, cold blooded, calculated act. That is not something done in the heat of the moment. I understand that about 70 per cent of all murders are committed in the family circle. Usually they are the result of an act of temper, hot blood and a furious fight. But a person who hijacks an airliner or a person who puts a bomb in an airliner does so coldly and dispassionately for the purpose of obtaining financial reward. Surely the very fact that there is that motive should appeal to Senator Murphy and his cohorts. That is something done--

Senator O'Byrne - Cohorts}

Senator Bishop - What about a withdrawal of that?

Senator HANNAN - Does the honourable senator know what the word 'cohort' means?

Senator Byrne - The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold. His cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold.

Senator HANNAN - That is right; but that is not their sort of cohorts. I realise that Senator Murphy's motives in presenting this Bill have been of the highest order. I realise that he is moved by deeply humanitarian motives. I know that he is thinking of the welfare of the community. I think he believes that in having this Bill on the statute book he will be improving the quality of life in the community. I think 1 can go that far. But 1 think that he is in error. I think his heart' has overruled his head. I appeal to him to re-examine this matter.

Senator Gair - You flatter him. I do not think he has a heart.

Senator HANNAN - 1 do not agree with Senator Gair. Senator Murphy has a heart. I make no disparaging remarks whatsoever about Senator Murphy. But I would ask him to re-examine his feelings in regard to this particularly modern offence. This is something that has not happened during the centuries. No tradition of hijacking has existed. The Romans and Greeks had no trouble with it 2,000 years ago. But the Greeks, the Arabs and the Israelis suffer a good deal of trouble with hijacking these days. In the last 2 days, Trans-World Airlines in the United States of America had to search 260 jet aircraft looking for bombs. Two bombs have already exploded in its aircraft. In the case of a person unlawfully taking control of an aircraft, we are faced with circumstances totally different from those involving a single murder. For those reasons, I ask Senator Murphy to reexamine his position and to support the amendment which has been moved by Senator Wright.

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