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Thursday, 20 May 1965

Senator WRIGHT (Tasmania) .- I am obliged to you, Mr. Chairman. In conformity with your ruling I would like to move that the committee report progress. While I am on my feet I would like to make it plain to the Minister that I did not wish to raise the other issue. I wished only to mention this matter and point out that I do not rely on it. I use it for the purpose of offering in some degree a mild apology for any inconvenience that will follow from the inclusion in this non amendable Bill of an item which I seek to have excised. To achieve that objective I must move that progress be reported. I want to make it quite clear that I do not wish to disturb those waters at this stage. I hope the Minister will understand.

Senator Henty - I am sorry, I am not clear on it. Perhaps the honorable senator will explain to me what is his purpose.

The CHAIRMAN - Order! I ask the honorable senator to state his motion.

Senator WRIGHT - The motion is, " That the committee report progress ". Mr.

Chairman,I always believe that the main purpose of parliamentary deliberations is achieved if we can adequately reveal our understanding. I want to say to the Minister that I adverted to the fact that this is a Bill for Ordinary annual services, which precludes me from moving an amendment in respect of any particular item unless I engage in a great constitutional contest on which the Chair would have to invite the ruling of the Senate. I did not want to encounter that at the moment. I drew attention to the fact only to explain why I did not move a straight out amendment to an item and put the Minister to some inconvenience by moving that progress be reported. The motion, if carried, would involve the deferment of the whole Bill.

I want to delay the other question and not re-agitate feelings now, because I wish to express a considerable degree of satisfaction at the general method of presentation of these Bills on this occasion.

In the interests of the people I represent in Tasmania, I am objecting to expenditure on such an inappropriate and useless purpose by a person in whom I have no confidence to produce anything that is worth the expenditure of £15,000 in three years, or £5,000 in one year or £500. I adopt the only course that can register a parliamentary decision as to whether this chamber passes or defers that item. It is in that spirit that I adopt the form of motion that you, Mr. Chairman, have been good enough to proffer to me to achieve my purpose. I move -

That the Chairman report progress and ask leave to sit again.

Senator Henty - Mr. Chairman-

The CHAIRMAN - Order! Further debate is not permissible at this stage. The question is -

That the Committee report progress and ask leave to sit again.

Question put -

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