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Wednesday, 31 March 1965

Senator MURPHY (New South Wales) . - It should have become apparent to everyone now that Senator Wright, while raising a number of perhaps important matters, is raising matters which are quite irrelevant to the motion which he has made for amendment of clause 4. Every complaint that he has is as to the classes of persons, as to the provision that an approved lender has to come out of an approved class, and also as to how that is to be done. How a person is to become an approved lender is dealt with in clause 5. The definition of " approved lender " which brings it into (he scheme of the Act, is in clause 4. Senator Wright is objecting to the manner in which persons become approved lenders, which is in clause 5. He may or may not have good arguments on that, but his objection is as to how they become approved lenders and, in particular, as to the fact that here is a limitation of approved lenders to persons who would be included in clause 5.

When we come to clause 5, by proper amendment of clause 5, for instance, by deleting sub-clause (1.) and taking a part out of sub-clause (2.), he could achieve all that he seeks, but he has persisted in purporting to go further and take the notion of an approved lender right out of the Bill. I repeat that he has not advanced one single argument for the removal of the whole notion of approved lenders from this Bill. That is what I alleged against him before, and I repeat it. If I must say something harsh, he is merely wasting the time of the Senate by persisting with these matters under this amendment.

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