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Wednesday, 31 March 1965

Senator MCKELLAR - The Minister for Primary Industry has furnished the following answers -

1.   Approximately 137 tons of leaf of very low grade quality were destroyed at Nudgee on 4th December, 1964. This leaf had been offered to and no-bidded by manufacturers at least two or three times. As the leaf had very limited or no commercial use in tobacco manufacture, the Queensland Tobacco Leaf Marketing Board was authorised by the growers who owned the leaf to arrange for its destruction under the supervision of the Department of Customs and Excise.

2.   See 1 above.

3.   Since the close of the 1964 season a stabilisation plan has been accepted by growers, manufacturers and Governments and the necessary legislation to set up an Australian Tobacco Board will be introduced as soon as practicable. An interim committee has been established to administer the plan pending enactment of legislation to constitute the Board. The Board will co-ordinate tobacco marketing in Australia, set marketing quotas and implement a schedule of grades and minimum prices. It is expected that under the stabilisation plan tobacco marketing will take place in a more orderly fashion to the benefit of all concerned.

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