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Thursday, 24 September 1942

It was re-assuring to read the article In the Sunday Telegraph, 16th August, revealing the united churches leading in an appeal for ami advocacy of the maintenance of moral standards in social behaviour.

The points raised in protest must find an echo in many hearts. Mothers are facing the danger of an orgy in debauchery, in which their own sons and daughters, removed by " war conditions from the steadying influence of home", may become involved.

Debauchery through alcoholic drink and sex will not win the war, though it could bo instrumental in losing it. The essentials of efficiency, both in the Army and out of it, depend on clear minds and healthy bodies, and the excesses exposed should warn us of the enemy within Australia, insidiously creating conditions favorable to the enemy without.

This wave of licentiousness has its origin in spiritual paralysis. Immorality is the outward manifestation of spiritual darkness and inertia, and government action in introducing a measure to legalize de facto widows by including them in the "Widows' Pension Bill "' is a definite menace to legal marriage.

A case in point - the man who was recently condemned to serve four years in gaolfor bigamy.

To have a law " founded on moral principles - and courts of law " to administer and enforce its decree - and at the same time that its decree is being carried into effect - to legalize and subsidize immorality, is consistent neither with law nor logic, practice or principle.

The measure which provides for an unmarried mother on a higher scale than the wife of a man on the dole, is a direct incentive to concubinage and irresponsible citizenship, for, if ceremony has the power to have one man condemned to gaol and contempt of it entitles another man to indulgence in illicit conduct and exemption from marital responsibility, then, "what does justify the seat of administration?"

While the Government encourages immorality by -

1   . Legislation and reward.

2.   Unrationed sale of alcoholic liquor.

3.   Sanction and subsidy - under Government Educational Departmental Directorship - operating through the W.E.A. - of obscene and profane sex. lectures in halls - outside governmental jurisdiction and control. Quote- Chief Secretary - and although these lectures violate all the canons of decency, they are commercialized - 10s. a course or 2s. a single lecture - and open to public audience, furthermore, neither do they seem to come under strict censorship, for we find them supplemented by indiscriminate publicity on sexual intercourse, vide the weekly magazine Woman. 17th August, 1942.

4.   Erotic stimulation through pornographic literature, Ac, &c.

Well just so long as this corrupt state of affairs continue, so long will Australia sap her strength and suffer from this deluge of immorality which threatens to sweep her toward the abyss of doom.

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