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Thursday, 24 September 1942

Senator COLLINGS - The Prime Minister has supplied the following answers : -

1.   Certain honorable senators and honorable members have been appointed by Ministers to assist them in the administration of their departments and in carrying out investigations on their behalf.

2.   Assisting the Prime Minister. Right Honorable J. H. Scullin; assisting the AttorneyGeneral, Messrs. J. J. Clark and W. J. F. Riordan; assisting the Minister for Supply and Development, Senator J. I. Armstrong; assisting the Minister for Munitions, Senators J. J. Arnold and W. J. Large; assisting the Minister for Air, Honorable R. T. Pollard; assisting the Minister for Commerce, Messrs. A. Wilson and J. J. Clark; assisting the Minister for Labour and National Service, SenatorXV. E. Aylett, Messrs. R. James, D. O. Watkins and C. A. A. Morgan.

No feesare paid but travelling expenses at the rate of £2 2s. per day are allowed to honorable members employed as above under the following general conditions: - When absent from theirhome on such business except in Canberra on days when Parliament is sitting; on an hourly basis; and when transport provided includes subsistence quarter rates only are paid. In addition car or special travelling facilities as necessary are provided for members and payment is made of any outofpocket expenses unavoidably incurred by members in their home town.

3.   194.1-42, £601 14s. 4d.; July-August, 1942, £503 7s.d. The amount shown as paid or claimed during the months of July and August includes, in some instances, expenses for periods of duty performed in previous months.

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