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Tuesday, 8 June 1926

Senator LYNCH (Western Australia) . - This item provides that on and after 27th March, 1926, machine tools and appliances for use in connexion therewith are to be British, free ; intermediate, 5 per cent.; and general, 10 per cent. I should like to know what duties are to apply to all the articles mentioned in sub-items a, b, and c, many of which were to be admitted free, prior to the alteration of 27th March, 1926.

Senator Crawford - They are all included in a new item 415a. The alteration is made for the purpose of making the administration easier.

Senator LYNCH - Will they still be free under the alteration ?

Senator Crawford - Yes.

Item agreed to.

Item 175 agreed to.

Item 176-

By omitting the whole of sub-items (b) and (c), and inserting in their stead the following sub-items : -

(d)   Cement-making machines, n.e.i.; road making machines; stone-crushing machines with jaws up to and including 30 inches by 12 inches in size; aerial ropeways, exclusive of cable; hand-operated, travelling, and portable cranes; coal conveyors and ash-handling plants, exclusive of motive power equipment, ad val., British, 35 per cent; intermediate, 45 per cent; general, 50 per cent.

(e)   Mining machinery, n.e.i., adval.,

British, 40 per cent. ; intermediate, 50 per cent.; general, 55 per cent.

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