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Tuesday, 8 June 1926

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- Until recently the British manufacturers have been unable to place cream separators on I he Australian market at a price that enabled them to successfully compete with the Swedish machines; but during the last two years the Lister creamseparator has been successfully marketed in Australia, and is, I understand, giving entire satisfaction. Under the 1921 tariff British manufacturers received considerable preference, when the Government of the day contended that it was the duty of Parliament to recognize the fairness of giving Great Britain greater benefits over other countries. I am, therefore, surprised to find that the small degree of preference then afforded is to be eliminated. The introduction of the British separator has been beneficial to the Australian dairymen, and as the British product is of excellent quality it appears to me that if we remove the small degree of preference, competition will 'be destroyed and prices raised. As Sweden does not purchase any of our butter, and Great Britain is one of our best customers, it is unfair to continue to handicap Great Britain by imposing heavy duties against her manufactures, and at the same time expect her to purchase our produce at the highest possible prices. Surelv it is reasonable to grant this degree of protection with the object of helping Great Britain to recover the trade she lost during the war when she gave up everything in order to assist the weaker nations.

Senator Duncan - We could advertise " Buy Australian butter made with British machines. "

Senator PAYNE - I wish the honorable senator was always so keenly desirous of helping British manufacturers. It is appalling to find such attempts being made to interfere with British industries. I trust the Minister will accept the request moved by Senator Duncan.

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