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Thursday, 10 November 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (Victoria) . - I wish to impress on the Government the vital necessity of hastening a pronouncement of policy with respect to the Mandated Territories. There are, to my knowledge, several parties of ex-soldiers who have been waiting for eight months and longer for permission to proceed to the Territories to prospect their timber and other resources. Certain promises that were held out to them, led them to believe that the policy of the Government would be definitely pronounced soon. Time has gone on, and they are sick, tired, and disgusted with the whole thing. The delay has given opportunities for other people to float companies. I know of one company which holds out definitely to proposed shareholders that the promoters have been to the Territories and have spied out the land. In the usm I manner of prospectuses, fortunes are promised to those who subscribe.

Senator Russell - I wish, the honorable senator would be specific, and give me the name of the companies that have been formed.

Senator ELLIOTT - I think the Minister will find that information in an answer given to a question asked in the Senate to-day. The Minister has definitely pronounced that the companies have no concession. That may put a spoke in their wheel. It is necessary for the protection of the public, and for the encouragement of the returned soldiers, who are anxious to pioneer the country, that the Government's policy should be pronounced as soon as possible.

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