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Thursday, 1 September 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (Victoria) .- Senator Drake-Brockmanhas pictured the company engaged in the manufacture of explosives here as a sort of commercial octopus, that is going to throw its arms round the mining industry of Australia and squeeze it to death. The Australian company is directed by intelligent business men, yet Senator Drake-Brockman wishes us to believe that it is prepared to squeeze to death the mining industry of the Commonwealth, on which it depends for its market, and thus to destroy itself. Is it reasonable to assume that it will do anything of the kind? It has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds in establishing the industry here; and surely its object will be to develop its trade to the fullest possible extent? It is said that it is identical with the company that squeezed the miners on a former occasion.

Senator Lynch - That is so.

Senator ELLIOTT - That may be; but it has now delivered itself into our hands. It has come here and built up huge assets, so that if it again resorted to such tactics we could, if necessary, deal with it by legislation. We could nationalize the industry if those engaged, in it adopted monopolistic tactics. I repeat that its very existence requires that it should nurse the mining industry of Australia and so enlarge the market for its output.

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