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Wednesday, 10 August 1921

Senator LYNCH ("Western Australia) . - - I should like to support the request for the sake of preserving the symmetry of the Tariff, and to give the manufacturers of wax candles the same chance of working at a profit as has been given to the manufacturers of stearine candles ; but the Government having made a blunder, I am not prepared to help it out. Like Senator Gardiner, I have to consider the effect of this proposal on the users of candles, although by all the rules of Tariff adjustment, if the wax candle industry is to prosper, the Government must follow the course proposed by Senator Pratten. The margin between the duties on the raw material and the manufactured article has been altered by the action taken in another place, and while I wish to see the wax candle-making industry preserved, I must have regard to the interests of those who use candles. I shall, therefore, oppose the request. I think, however, that the time must come when the duty will be increased, because of the advantage given to the manufacturers of stearine candles.

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