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Wednesday, 10 August 1921

Senator DUNCAN - Because it does not pay to run them, and before they can be put into commission again an expenditure of hundreds of thousands of pounds will be required.

Senator de Largie - I am certain that the cessation of operations there was due to the removal of the duty.

Senator DUNCAN -I do not know that the re-imposition of the duty would insure that the necessary capital would be forthcoming to set the Joadja industry on a proper basis again, but if I thought that the imposition of such a duty would enable this to be done I might be prepared to vote for it. After all, the proposal we have with regard to the manufacture of wax candles is something which is more solid than the suppositions of Senator de Largie. It is an industry already in existence, not something which might exist if we adopted the suggestion of Senator de Largie. A bird in the hand is worth a dozen in the bush. We have an industry here which is crying out for its raw material at as low a rate as possible to enable it to produce wax candles profitably, and it is our duty to see that it gets that raw material to enable it to keep going.

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