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Thursday, 12 May 1921

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister for Defence) (2:57 AM) .-I move -

Thatthe following sub-clause be added: - "(3) Whereany person employed under articlesof apprenticeship, or articles of service is required to attend a ship or camp of continuous training under Part XII. of the Defence Act, or isactive servicewith the CitizenForces called outundersection 46of that Act,hisarticlesofaapprenticeshipor articles of service shallbe deemed tobe suspended during the period during which he is attending the ship or camp of continuous training, or is on such activeservice,and, if his master refuses to re-employ him orto allowhim to resume his serviceunder the articlesat the conclusion of the continuous training or active service, the master shall be guiltyof an offence.

Penalty : Fiftypoundsorimprisonment for sixmonths, orboth."

Thisis a similar provision to the one already insertedby theCommitteein the Defence Bill.

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