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Thursday, 15 April 1915

The following papers were presented : -

Customs Act 1901-14-

Proclamations prohibiting Exportation (except under certain conditions) of -

Arms, &c. (dated 12th November, 1914).

Rubber and Graphite (dated 12th November, 1914).

Acaroid Resin, &c. (dated 14th December, 1914).

Whale Oil - Crude and Refined (dated 21st January, 1915).

Vessels, Boats, &c. (dated 29th January, 1915).

Leather (dated 18th February, 1915).

Cancellation of Proclamation prohibiting importation of -

Newspaper entitled Ghadr, &c. (dated 18th March, 1915).

Proclamations prohibiting Importation of -

Certain seditious Indian Publications (dated 18th March, 1915) .

Fisheries -

Zoological Results of Fishing Experiments curried on by F.I.S. Endeavour, 1909-10.- Vol. II., Part 5.

Biological Results of Fishing Experiments carried on by F.I.S. Endeavour, 1909-14.

Vol. II., Part 2.

Vol. III., Part 2.

Iron Bounty Act 1914. - Regulations. - Statutory Rules 1915, No. 17.

Lands Acquisition Act 1906 - Land acquired under, at -

Fairy Meadow, County of Murray, New South Wales - For Building Material purposes, Federal Territory, &c.

Hamilton, New South Wales - For Defence purposes.

Postmaster-General's Department : Fourth Annual Report, 1913 14.

War, European : Diplomatic Correspondence published by the French Government.

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