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Wednesday, 4 October 1911
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Senator DE LARGIE (Queensland) - - I recognise that whether the work is hard or reasonable depends upon the conditions in which it has to be done. I have taken the trouble to visit some stoke-holds and also some engine-rooms.. I have inspected vessels in which the stoke-holes' . are ventilated by electrical fans. I have been in stokeholds that were almost as cool- as the steerage passengers' cabins. I quire recognise, therefore, that mechanical contrivances can be used which will improve the. conditions under which work is carried on.. If the Minister assures me that the Marine Council will be given power to alter the scale in respect of any ship, according to the nature of the stokehold, and the easiness or difficulty of work therein, I am quite prepared to withdraw my amendment. An impetus will be given to ship-owners to adopt contrivances to enable the work to be done under better conditions if they have to comply, not with an arbitrary scale, but with a scale varied according to the conditions prevailing on board.

Amendment, bv leave, withdrawn.

Amendment (by Senator Pearce) agreed to-

That after the words " fer diem," where first occurring, the following words be inserted : - " Provided that in the case of any particular ship the Minister may, after reference to the Marine Council, specify a greater or less number of firemen and trimmers to be required."

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