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Wednesday, 23 November 1910

Senator CHATAWAY (Queensland) . - Before this matter is determined, I wish to read a telegram which I have received from Mr. F. Swanson, Secretary of the Master Printers' Association, Brisbane. He says -

Queensland Master Printers' Association protest against advance in Tariff on various kinds of boards which are printers' raw material, and not manufactured in Australia.

I have also received the following circular expressing the views of the New South Wales Master Printers -

As representatives of the New South Wales printers and connected trades, also South Australia, we wish to place before you what the result must be to our trades all over Australia if the Tariff through, as proposed.

In some cases it means putting on over too per cent, on our raw material, and the finished article is to come in at 35 or 40 per cent.

Commence at No. 356. We would ask that this should read - 20 by 25 inches, 70 lbs. per ream, 480 sheets, because 20 by 25 inches, 80 lbs., as proposed, means ^5 per ton duty on Manilla or greyboard, costing from £8 to £10 f.o.b.

Senator Vardonhas already referred to this matter, but has not elicited from the Minister any statement worthy of a senator in his position. The circular goes on -

This means over £50 to £60 on our raw material, which cannot be made here without the pulp is imported from Canada or Sweden. A sheet 20 by 25, 80 lbs., is certainly a board and not a paper, and to classify it as such is wrong, and does great injury to the folding box-trade. You must admit a playing-card is a board, and yet the well-known American playing-cards, such as " Bicycle," do not weigh 80 lbs., 20 by 25, PeT sheet, 280's. They would go much nearer 70 lbs.

As the Minister is absolutely deaf to any representations that we can make, and, indeed, can make no statement at all except in a very vague and general- way, it is useless to argue the matter any further. _

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