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Wednesday, 26 October 1910

Senator ST LEDGER (Queensland) . - It would be idle to deny the force of Senator Millen's contention. It would be, to some extent, idle to deny that there is a great deal in the contention put forward by Senator McGregor, and supported to some extent by Senator Stewart. But the great point we have to consider is : How will the Commissioner of Land Tax interpret the provision? If he interprets it in Senator Millen's way, possibly the purpose of the Act may be defeated. If, on the other hand, he interprets it in the Minister's way, possibly the intention of the Government will be carried out. But, amidst the conflict of opinion, how can we be sure that he will do so? It is our business to try to make it absolutely clear that he will do so. 1 suggest to the Minister that he should carefully reconsider the clause.

Senator McGregor - No; it is all right. The 30th September is past, and no great devilry can be concocted or carried out.

Senator ST LEDGER - In order to make clear what is probably the intention of the Government, Senator Millen has suggested the deletion of the words " after the 30th day of June " f or a purpose which he has pointed out, and the Minister has met that suggestion with the statement that Practically it is carried out. But. on further argument, it is not quite so clear that it is. I wish to have the clause made quite clear. I can see that there is a good deal in the explanation given by Senator

McGregor. But I can also see that the view which Senator Millen has pointed out is very likely to be defeated unless this amendment be made. On the whole, I am inclined to think that the very object which the Government intend to carry out will be best secured by the amendment. But if we cannot reconcile this conflict of opinion we ought to reframe the clause in such a way that there can be no doubt when the Commissioner of Land Tax has to interpret it.

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