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Wednesday, 12 October 1910

Senator CHATAWAY (Queensland) - - I rise, not to propose an amendment, but to ask for information. On comparing this Bill with the last one, I find that two clauses have been omitted. It does not contain clause 207 of the last Bill, dealing with the case of a master who takes to sea a ship which has been legally detained before such ship has obtained a release.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir Albert Gould - That appears as clause 213 in the present Bill.

Senator CHATAWAY - Then the order of the clauses has been altered. Clause 208 of the last Bill appears to have been dropped, or placed elsewhere in this Bill. As I said, I did not rise to move an amendment, but to point out that, apparently, two clauses of the last Bill have been dropped.

Senator Findley - We are not discussing dropped clauses, but the Bill before the Committee.

Senator CHATAWAY - The honorable senator's colleague has explained to us at considerable length the way in which the Bill has been built up year after year by means of Royal Commissions, and all that sort of thing, and claimed that it is supposed to be the acme of perfection. If I think that some provisions have been omitted from this Bill, I have a reasonable right, without a sneer from the Honorary Minister, to ask why they have been dropped. I am quite willing to accept his statement, if he makes it, that clauses 207 and 208 of the last Bill appear in another part of this Bill.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 213 agreed to.

Clause 214 (Taking official to sea).

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