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Wednesday, 28 September 1910

Senator ST LEDGER (Queensland) . - Sometimes the master of a ship is a part owner.

Senator Guthrie - If he is a part owner, it is all right.

Senator ST LEDGER - Sometimes a conflict arises. If the provision is to be limited, I ask the honorable senator to consider that the limitation will be hard and fast. In this clause, we are dealing with Australian ships, and giving to the superintendent a discretion as to the person to whom a boy shall be- bound.

Senator Turley - He will satisfy himself that a boy is to be bound to a proper person.

Senator ST LEDGER - In Australia, we have not many big lines of steamers. We have some owners who are masters of comparatively small steam or sailing ships. It might be quite proper to allow a person of that class to have a lad apprenticed to him if the authorities should think proper. The clause will allow a great deal of liberty to the superintendent; but why should it be limited in the way suggested? I think that it ought to remain as it is.

Senator McGregor - It is all right as it is.

Senator Guthrie - I see that it is of no use to move an amendment.

Clause agreed to.

Clauses 34 and 35 agreed to.

Clause 36 -

Where the owner of any ship carrying an apprentice dies, becomes insolvent, or ceases to have any interest in the ship the indentures shall cease, and a proportionate port of the premium paid (if any) shall be repaid, and until repaid shall be a charge upon the ship :

Provided that the name of the person by whom the ship has been acquired may, with the consent of the apprentice and of the- superintendent, be . inserted in the indentures as the master of the apprentice in lieu of the previous owner, in which case the indentures shall continue.

Senator GUTHRIE(South Australia) when a ship is acquired by a person, his name may, with the consent of the apprentice and of the superintendent, be inserted in the indentures in place of the previous owner. I take it that, under tie proviso, the superintendent is to act as the youth's guardian. But the change of ownership may take place at a port distant from his home, and, therefore, it is desirable that the words " parent or guardian " should be inserted after the word "apprentice." I think that the parent or guardian of an apprentice ought to be afforded an opportunity to say whether he consents to the indentures being continued with . the new owner in lieu of the last owner, - who is cither dead or has turned insolvent. Therefore, I move -

That after the word " apprentice," line9, the words " and parent or guardian " be inserted.

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