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Wednesday, 20 August 1980
Page: 549

Mr ELLICOTT (Wentworth) (Minister for Home Affairs) - by leave - I move:

(1)   Clause11, page5, omit sub-clause (2), substitute the following sub-clauses: "(2) Subject to sub-clauses (2a) and (2b), a member of the Interim Council holds office during the pleasure of the Minister. "(2a) If a member of the Interim Council fails, without reasonable excuse, to comply with his obligations under section 19 as applied by sub-clause (7) of this section, the Minister shall terminate the appointment of the member. "(2b) The Interim Council shall cease to exist upon the publication in the Gazette of the notice referred to in subsection 10 (4).".

(2) Clause 1 1, page 6, after sub-clause (6), add the following sub-clause: "(7) The provisions of section 1 9 apply to and in relation to a member of the Interim Council as if -

(a) a reference in that section to a member were a reference to a member of the Interim Council; and

(b) a reference in that section to the Council were a reference to the Interim Council.".

(3) Clause 17, page 8, line 12, insert "without reasonable excuse," after "fails".

(4) Clause 19, page 8, lines 1 7 to 32, omit the clause, substitute the following clause:

Disclosure of interests by members, &c. "19. (1) A member who has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in a matter being considered or about to be considered by the Council shall, as soon as possible after the relevant facts have come to his knowledge, disclose the nature of his interest at a meeting of the Council. "(2) A disclosure under sub-section ( 1 ) shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the Council and the member shall not -

(a) be present during any deliberation of the Council with respect to that matter; or

(b) take part in any decision of the Council with respect to that matter. "(3) The preceding provisions of this section apply to and in relation to a deputy part-time member in like manner as they apply to and in relation to a member of the Council. ".

These amendments are procedural amendments. They are machinery provisions designed to relate the Interim Council to the Council itself and also to incorporate in the Bill provisions requiring disclosure of interest by members of the Council.

Mr ELLICOTT (Wentworth) (Minister for Home Affairs) - The Government has not made any decision to build such a hall of fame. On the other hand, the honourable member for Hawker (Mr Jacobi) usually embraces the possible and those things that are very worthwhile. I would not disagree with him about the need to preserve the memory of the great achievements of Australian sportsmen and women. One project in which the Government is involved at the moment is the setting up of the Australian Institute of Sport. I think that the honourable member would recognise that the Museum of Australia itself may not be an appropriate place, because of the themes, for a sporting hall of fame. At the same time it seems to me to be a project which could fit within the functions and objects of a body like the Australian Institute of Sport. I will commend to the Board of the Institute consideration in the future of promoting this matter. I know that there are some people in private enterprise who are interested in establishing a sporting hall of fame in the national capital. The Confederation of Australian Sport also has made submissions to me in relation to that. The honourable member may rest assured that the matter is embraced in principle by the Government and by me. At the moment I would see the Institute as a significant vehicle through which that objective could be achieved.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments; report - by leave - adopted.

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