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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3170

Mr Bungey asked the Minister for the Northern Territory, upon notice, on 6 September 1977:

(1)   How many libraries are in his Department, where is each located and what is the main purpose of each.

(2)   How many (a) books, (b) publications and (c) periodicals (i) have been acquired in (A) 1974-75, (B) 1975-76 and (C) 1976-77, (ii) are currently in the library and (iii) will be acquired under budget provisions for 1977-78.

(3)   What is the annual cost of running each library.

(4)   What staff are employed in each library and what major staffing changes have occurred in the past 3 years, or are contemplated.

(5)   When were the provision, number and purpose of libraries in the Department last reviewed by the Department and/or the Public Service Board, and what recommendations were made at that time.

(6)   Which libraries are open to the public, and what is the extent of public usage.

Mr Adermann - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Libraries are established in the Department of the Northern Territory as follows:

Central Reference Library (at present located in Canberra, but to be re-located in Darwin as soon as accommodation is available)

Animal Industry and Agriculture Branch Library, Darwin

Arid Zone Research Institute Library, Alice Springs

Forestry, Fisheries and Land Conservation Branch Library, Berrimah

Mines Branch Library, Darwin

Water Resources Branch Library, Darwin

The Northern Territory Public Library Service, previously operated by my Department was transferred to the control of the Northern Territory Executive on 1 January 1977.

The main purpose of Branch libraries is to provide scientific and technical library and information services to the officers of the Branches concerned.

The Central Reference Library was transferred to my Department when the Department of Northern Development was abolished in 1975. Its holdings in the pure, applied and social sciences provide a resource service to Branch libraries and a general library service for departmental, interdepartmental and public use.

(2)   Information regarding books, publications and periodicals is as follows:



In addition to the above a valuable collection of scientific and technical books and journals, numbering at least 100,000 items has been given by the National Library as a basis for a state library for a future state government. These are stored awaiting cataloguing and processing.

(3)   Information regarding the cost of running each library is not maintained by my Department To attempt to obtain full information would involve considerable effort. However, the following estimate of total annual costs is given:

Staff salaries, $56,000; Books purchases (estimate), $45,000; Periodicals purchased (estimate), $15,000; Publications purchased- mainly obtained without cost.

(4)   Central Reference Library, Canberra- 1 Librarian Class 2, 1 Clerical Assistant Grade 3 (full-time).

Animal Industry and Agriculture Branch Library, Darwin 1 Library Officer, Grade 1 (full-time).

Arid Zone Research Institute Library, Alice Springs- 1 Library Officer, Grade 1 (full-time).

Forestry, Fisheries and Land Conservation Branch Library, Berrimah- Maintained by Forest Instructor (parttime).

Mines Branch Library, Darwin- Maintained part-time by Branch Staff.

Water Resources Branch Library- 1 Librarian Class 1 (full-time).

The staffing changes that have occurred in the last three years have been:

(a)   Transfer of positions of Librarian and Clerical Assistant from the then Department of Northern Development.

(b)   Abolition of a position of Librarian Class 1, in the Forestry, Fisheries and Land Conservation Branch Library.

(c)   Allocation of a position of Librarian Class 1 for the Water Resources Branch library.

(5)   (a) The National Library, on behalf of the Department of Northern Development made a report in 1973 regarding the establishment of the library that is now the Central Reference Library of my Department.

(b)   The Librarian in charge of the Central Reference Library has, in the last two years, made an extensive investigation and reports on the efficiency, integration, economic development and staffing requirements, of all Branch libraries. These changes have been implemented except for some items that cannot be put into effect until the Central

Reference Library is located in Darwin and the recommended staffing increases which have been deferred pending the transfer of functions to the Northern Territory Public Service.

(c)   The Public Service Board has not conducted any general review of library services of the Department in recent years. It has monitored and concurred in the organisation changes listed in (4) above.

(6)   The Libraries are available to members of the public who require specialist scientific and technical information. Classified material of a government or departmental nature is, of course, not available to the public. The public makes only limited use of this service.

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