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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3166

Mr Bungey asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 6 September 1977:

(   1 ) How many libraries are there (a) in the Department of the Treasury and ( b) in the Department of Finance, where is each located and what is the main purpose of each.

(2)   How many (a) books, (b) publications and (c) periodicals (i) have been acquired in (A) 1974-75, (B) 1975-76 and (C) 1976-77, (ii) are there currently in each library and (iii) will be acquired under budget provisions for 1977-78.

(3)   What is the annual cost of running each library

(4)   What staff are employed in each library and what major staffing changes have occurred in the past 3 years, or are contemplated.

(5)   When were the provision, number and purpose of libraries in each Department last reviewed by that Department and or the Public Service Board and, what recommendations were made at that time.

(6)   Which libraries are open to the public, and what is the extent of public usage.

Mr Lynch - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(   1 ) (a) There are 8 libraries in the Taxation Office and 7 libraries in the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

(b)   There is 1 library in the Department of Finance, 1 library in the Office of the Superannuation Fund Investment Trust and 1 library in the Royal Australian Mint.

The location of these libraries is as follows:

Australian Taxation Office


Parkes, Australian Capital Territory Sydney, New South Wales Parramatta, New South Wales Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane, Queensland Adelaide, South Australia Perth, Western Australia Hobart, Tasmania.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory Sydney, New South Wales Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane, Queensland

Adelaide, South Australia Penh, Western Australia Hobart Tasmania.

Department of Finance Parkes, Australian Capital Territory.

Office of Superannuation Fund Investment Trust Canberra City, Australian Capital Territory.

Royal Australian Mint

Deakin, Australian Capital Territory.

Note: The Central Office of the Department of the Treasury, Canberra, currently utilises the services of the library in the Department of Finance.

The main purpose of each of the individual libraries is to provide materials and reference needs necessary to meet the information requirements of the relevant organisations.

(2)   (a) Books acquired.



(3)   The following estimated annual running costs of the libraries incorporate salaries, allowances, purchase of books, periodicals, equipment and binding but exclude overheads such as accommodation, power, fuel, light, maintenance, cleaning, etc.


(4)   The total number of staff employed in the respective libraries as at September 1977 were as follows:


There have been no major staffing changes over the past 3 years in any of the libraries, and none is contemplated.

(5)   The following Australian Taxation Office libraries were last reviewed in the years indicated:

Canberra, Public Service Board review- 1973; Departmental review- 1974; Sydney, Departmental review- 1973;

Melbourne, Departmental review- 1974; Perth, Departmental review- 1973.

No major changes were recommended in any of these reviews.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a major review of its Canberra library in 1 973. The review resulted in a complete restructuring of the library's establishment to meet increased workloads. Establishment reviews of the State Office libraries were conducted by the Bureau in conjunction with the Public Service Board during 1976-77 but did not recommend any significant changes.

The Department of Finance (then the Treasury) library was reviewed in 1 976 in order to assess whether certain positions needed reclassification to cope with new methods and procedures introduced to facilitate more efficient provision of service. This review did not result in any major changes.

No major reviews have been conducted of the minor libraries: the Office of Superannuation Fund Investment Trust and the Royal Australian Mint

(6)   None of the abovementioned libraries is open to the public

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