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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3141

Mr Bungey asked the Minister for Productivity, upon notice, on 6 September 1977:

(1)   How many libraries are in his Department, where is each located and what is the main purpose of each.

(2)   How many (a) books, (b) publications and (c) periodicals (i) have been acquired in (A) 1974-75, (B) 975-76 and (C) 1976-77, (ii) are currently in the library and (iii) will be acquired under budget provisions for 1977-78.

(   3 ) What is the annual cost of running each library

(4)   What staff are employed in each library and what major staffing changes have occurred in the past three years, or are contemplated.

(5)   When were the provision, number and purpose of libraries in the Department last reviewed by the Department and/or the Public Service Board, and what recommendations were made at that time.

(6)   Which libraries are open to the Public and what is the extent of public usage.

Mr Macphee - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   There are 16 libraries in my Department The main purpose of each individual library is to meet the reference ana information needs of the establishment which it serves. In addition the Central Office library acts as a central coordinating unit for the provision of information services to Australian Industry through the Australian Industry Information Network and provides advice and systems support to other departmental libraries

A complete list of Productivity libraries and their locations follows




(3)   Information regarding the annual cost is as detailed below. It is the sum of the purchase by the library of books, publications and periodicals and the salaries of library staff but does not include any overheads.



4. (a) The total number of staff currently employed in each Productivity Library is as detailed below.


(b)   Major changesthat have occurred in the past 3 years include the loss of 4 staff from the Central Office Library to Department of Industry and Commerce Commodity Digest Groups in 1977 as well as the employment of part time (in lieu of full time staff) in several libraries

(c)   The changes that are contemplated provide for the upgrading of a position to the professional level in those libraries which employ only full time clerical staff. The Victorian Regional Office Library contemplates engaging three additional professional staff to provide for the extra workload which has ensued from the transfer of control of the Working Environment Division Library from the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations.

5.   A review of Productivity libraries was commenced shortly after the creation of the Department in November 1 976. This review is continuing and will take into account the development of the Department's new responsibilities the co-ordination of information services within the Department, and the need to develop a unified service to industry.

6.   Only the Patents, Trade Marks and Design Office Library is open to the public. Approximately 800 persons per year use the library but an additional 2,600 requests in writing are handled. The inter-library loan system provides access by the public to unclassified books in all libraries

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