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Thursday, 10 March 1977
Page: 84

Mr BOURCHIER (Bendigo) -I should like to make a personal explanation, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER -Does the honourable gentleman claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr BOURCHIER - Yes, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER -I remind the honourable gentleman that as a matter of courtesy and practice an honourable member should approach the Chair to inform the Chair of an intention to make a personal explanation.

Mr BOURCHIER -I apologise, Mr Speaker. Would you accept that now?

Mr SPEAKER -Does the honourable gentleman wish to make a personal explanation?

Mr BOURCHIER - Yes, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable gentleman may proceed.

Mr BOURCHIER - Thank you, Mr Speaker. I refer to a comment made this morning in an Australian Broadcasting Commission broadcast. I have to speak on this matter because it affects me as well as others. Comment was made in the broadcast that in the Liberal Party-National

Country Party coalition party room back benchers put forward a suggestion that they would oppose increment increases in pensions. That is entirely untrue. Obviously we were the Government that brought in automatic increases in pensions. I refute the statement. It is casting aspersions on all members of this Party.

Mr Morris - I rise to take a point of order. Is it not provided in the Standing Orders that a personal explanation must relate to a statement made about a member? In this case that has not occurred. I ask you, Mr Speaker, to direct the honourable member to resume his seat.

Mr SPEAKER -The point of order taken by-

Mr Young - It is a Tory proposal.

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable member for Port Adelaide will remain silent. A personal explanation is being made. It is the practice of the House to listen to personal explanations in silence. The point made by the honourable member for Shortland would have been valid if it were not for the fact that the honourable member for Bendigo has already said that the reason he must make a personal explanation is that as a member in the party room he is included in the group referred to. I call upon the honourable gentleman to relate the statement to himself personally.

Mr BOURCHIER - Thank you, Mr Speaker. The statement is related to me personally. I am a back bencher of this Party. The statement implies that all back benchers were involved. I take that as a slight on myself. The matter was not discussed. Also, there was a comment that some back benchers indicated that they would cross the floor. That was not said either.

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - I take a point of order. The honourable member for Port Adelaide, who incidentally is not in his seat, has just interjected that he has positive proof that the honourable member is opposed to the application of the CPI to pensions.

Mr SPEAKER -No point of order is involved.

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