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Thursday, 6 December 1973
Page: 4460

Mr DOYLE (Lilley) - After listening to the rantings of the honourable member for Darling Downs (Mr McVeigh) I wonder whether he is so naive as really to believe some of the propositions and statements that he put before this House this evening. He has tried to wave aside casually a political advertisement that apparently was inserted in the Courier Mail' by Toowoomba Foundry Pty Ltd. It was an advertisement loaded with inaccuracies and it was insulting to the best Prime Minister that this nation has ever known. It deserves nothing but contempt.

Opposition members - Ha, Ha!

Mr DOYLE - Honourable members opposite are so backward in their attitudes that they would not have come to realise and appreciate the wonderful work that has been done on behalf of this nation since 2 December. The Toowoomba Foundry Pty Ltd, a manufacturing firm in Toowoomba, has sought to enter the political arena and to attack the great Prime Minister of this country innuendo and suggestion. I do not wish to speak for the Leader of the Liberal Party and if the Liberals want to accept the insults which are being levelled by this firm at their leaders, it is their business. The very first passage in this advertisement about which the honourable member for Darling Downs is apparently so happy states: 'Would you trust either of these or any other politician to control your private life, to control your freedom, to decide what you want to do, or to be, or to be paid?' There is a photograph of our Prime Minister (Mr Whitlam) and the leader of the Liberal Party (Mr Snedden) on opposing sides of the advertisement. When a firm indulges in this sort of gutter type advertising it deserves, the contempt of this parliament and the people of Australia. There was never any suggestion by the Prime Minister of this country that the Government would want to control the freedom of people or to make decisions about what people want to do or be. Therefore that particular passage is completely incorrect.

However, the advertisement goes further. One could imagine that it warns the people of Toowoomba and perhaps of Queensland when it claims that history has shown that price fixing produces shortages and black markets. I wonder if Toowoomba Foundry is indicating to the people of Queensland and the people of Australia that after the referenda are held next Saturday, and the control of prices and incomes is granted to the Federal Government, it intends to enter the black market arena and to do things which would bring about shortages in the nation? I wonder if this particular advertisement has any connection with another advertisement which appeared in the same newspaper on the same day and which was inserted by a bogus organisation calling itself SOS', which I believe is an organisation based in the League of Rights which is spreading throughout Queensland and about which I will say something in a moment. As a

Queenslander I am deeply concerned about advertising of that type which contains incorrect assertions and levels incorrect charges.

I am deeply concerned about recent developments in my State, particularly in regard to the attitude of the Country-Liberal Party Government to the prices and incomes referenda. Only recently many Queenslanders were dismayed at the ruthlessness with which the Bjelke-Petersen Government - apparently the honourable member for Darling Downs thinks that great democratic government in Queensland is a wonderful government - bludgeoned through the State Assembly a resolution opposing the conferral of powers sought by this Federal Government under section 128 of the Constitution. The Queensland Government pushed that resolution through on the grounds that it would be inimical to the welfare of the citizens of Queensland. The resolution authorised the State Government to take action to defeat the proposals which are being submitted to the referenda. In speaking to the motion Mr Bjelke-Petersen said that it was a matter of great concern and interest in Queensland. He said that the people had a choice of free enterprise, an example of which was the past Liberal-Country Party administration or of centralised control from Canberra, the ultimate elimination of the States and the setting up of a republican Australia patterned on the communist way of life. I say that for a man who is supposed to be a responsible premier in the State of Queensland-

Mr Corbett - He is.

Mr DOYLE - That interjection only indicates the backward thinking of people who agree with such statements. That statement by the Queensland Premier indicates that he will stoop to anything to try to make political gain for the minority party which he leads in Queensland. I point out that from the time this Federal Labor Government was democratically elected by the people of Australia, the backward Premier of Queensland has done nothing but attack it and make statements saying that he would not support any measures which come from this Government. He is a great democrat. His attitude is of the type apparently that Country Party members of the Opposition support.

His attitude to the price referendum, to which I have just referred, is rather curious. While we are told that this type of control is dangerous, in Queensland recently when petrol resellers and bread manufacturers intended to increase the price of their commodities the Bjelke-Petersen Government said it would introduce price control if those prices were increased. On one hand the Premier says that we should not have controls and apparently he supports the attitude of the type of individuals who insert the advertisements to which I have referred. On the other hand he issued the threat that he would introduce price controls against these people. It is rather amusing that the great democrats in the Government in Queensland stated - according to the 'Courier Mail' of 24 November - that they were angered because the announcement of proposed price increases was made prior to 8 December. Apparently they do not care two hoots if prices are increased after 8 December provided of course the referenda are not carried.

I wanted to say a lot about what is happening in Queensland, but let us examine the record of the Queensland Government because governments are best judged on their records of achievements and on their records of administration- The Queensland Government maligns the Federal Labor Government and decries every effort and endeavour it has made on behalf of the people of Australia. Queenslanders are waking up to their Government.

Mr Keogh - Not many people vote for it.

Mr DOYLE - .That Country Party receives only about 20 per cent of the total vote. I am reminded of the old story of the country lad coming to town and the city slicker selling him the bridge or the town hall. The exact opposite has happened in Queensland. The smartie from the Kingaroy area has sold the Liberals down the drain and the Liberals are not smart enough to wake up to it. Since Bjelke-Petersen came to office in 1968 the per capita debt of the State has increased from $628.22 to $753.02 or by almost 20 per cent. This is in spite of the Commonwealth's general revenue assistance increasing from $90.32 to $165.12 per head of population, or by 60.67 per cent. Semigovernment and local authority borrowings in Queensland are the highest in Australia. The per capita borrowings stand at $67.93 compared to $28.47 under the South Australian Labor administration. The total railway deficit will amount to $44.3m this year compared to only $21.6m in 1972-73.

Estimates for the Premier's Department under Bjelke-Petersen have increased by 145.13 per cent to $5.54m over 5 years. Much of this is accounted for by his plane which cost $241,000 and which costs $35,000 a year to run. Further, he has the audacity to suggest that the Federal Government should cut back on its expenditure when his own State Government brought down a Budget which provided for an increase in expenditure of 22 per cent compared to the Federal Treasurer's Budget which provided for an increase in expenditure of 19 per cent. While these innuendos and the acts which are endeavouring to malign our Government are continuing, Bjelke-Peterson and his backward Government in Queensland hope to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in Queensland.

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