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Thursday, 6 December 1973
Page: 4377

Mr CHIPP (Hotham) - Mr Speaker,I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER -Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr CHIPP - Yes, on a non-party political point in this morning's Melbourne 'Sun' at page 13 where there appears a heading which reads 'Chipp - no-hopers to gain. The Government health scheme would benefit only pensioners, migrants, indolents, no-hopers and alcoholics, the Liberal Party welfare spokesman, Mr Chipp, said yesterday'. I cast no reflection on the young man who was at the Press conference and wrote this article. His report of what I said is almost completely accurate. It is the heading to which I object because in fact at that Press conference I said the opposite. I said the present scheme gives preference in public hospitals to the poor, the pensioners, migrants, indolents, drunks and no-hopers. I said the Labor health scheme-

Mr Hayden - The Liberal Party need never worry about a shortage of beds.

Mr CHIPP - I acknowledge that ridiculous interjection to place the calibre of the Minister on record. What I said was the complete opposite of what the heading suggests. I am becoming a little sick and tired, as I think are most other members of Parliament, of sub-editors putting on statements made by members of Parliament headings that have no relation to what those members said.

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