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Thursday, 18 October 1973
Page: 2315

Mr ASHLEY-BROWN (MITCHELL, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Has the attention of the Minister for Immigration been drawn to an article in the 'Daily Telegraph' on

Monday, 15 October last, under the heading "'Whites Only" Plea' which states:

Australia is being destroyed by its immigration policies -

Mr SPEAKER - Order! It is out of order for the honourable gentleman to quote from a newspaper in asking a question.

Mr ASHLEY-BROWN - AH right, I will ask the question.

Mr SPEAKER - The honourable gentleman can re-phrase his question in regard to the newspaper report, but he cannot quote from it.

Mr ASHLEY-BROWN - All right. In regard to this article in the 'Daily Telegraph* on Monday, 15 October last, is the Minister aware of the formation of a white Australian league by a man named Clapperton? Has the organisation any significant support from the Opposition? Is it in fact an Opposition front organisation?

Mr GRASSBY (RIVERINA, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Immigration) - My attention has been drawn not only to the article in that newspaper but also to an announcement by a gentleman, I think named Mr Clapperton, that he had a league which was dedicated to the white purity of the nation based on Aborigines, which seemed to me to be an extraordinary exercise in acrobatics and semantics. However, that is his privilege. But to answer specifically the honourable member's question, I do not think the organisation could be properly described as having the support of the Opposition, because my information is that in 1952 this gentleman was railing at the then administration and the Department of Immigration for having the temerity to permit into Australia Catholics and Italians. He then proceeded some years later, I think in 1958, to rail against the previous administration for holding citizenship conventions which were designed to soften up the Australian people to admit Asians. So I think that the answer to the honourable member's question is that a very insignificant, perhaps lunatic, fringe may have peeped out into the national light for a brief moment, but I am sure that if these people held a mass rally, a telephone box would be adequate for their purpose.

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