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Wednesday, 17 October 1973
Page: 2264

Mr RIORDAN (Phillip) - Mr Deputy Speaker-

Mr Lynch - Waste our time.

Mr RIORDAN - I think it ill-behoves the Deputy Leader of the Opposition to suggest that when I want to comment on what he said it is a waste of time. If he were concerned about saving time he would not have served up the dose of drivel he did just a few minutes ago. If he were concerned to save time this matter would have been put to a vote 10 minutes ago. In fact, the Minister for Overseas Trade (Dr J. F. Cairns) made an offer to this House that if the Opposition were prepared to vote on the matter straight away that would save time. The retort to that offer came from the Deputy Leader of the Country Party who said that it was blackmail. He has a very poor grasp of the English language. He does not understand plain, ordinary English. When the matter is debated from this side of the House the Deputy Leader of the Opposition says: 'It is wasting time'. They are the sort of people that one cannot please. They are the sort of people who do not understand logic and for that reason-

Mr Lynch - You are the sort of people that people cannot trust.

Mr RIORDAN - You are the sort of people that the Australian people do not trust and that is why you are sitting on that side of the

House. You went from this side to that side of the House because the people did not trust you, and for very good reason. Your record did not stand up to an examination. The factual position in this matter is that the Opposition is engaged in an exercise of hypocrisy. The Opposition is prepared to oppose this legislation outright. The reasons that it opposes it outright fall into 2 categories. Firstly, the Opposition is defending the interests of its wealthy friends and benefactors. Secondly, the Opposition wishes to deny the ordinary Australian people the opportunity to share in the benefits of the capital growth of Australia. The Opposition denies the ordinary citizens the opportunity which this legislation presents for them to participate in the great national development which is occurring. The Opposition denies the ordinary people who are afraid of the stock market and the stock brokers the opportunity to put their savings into a place where they will grow with the national growth of Australia. That is the essence of this legislation. There are 2 sides in this House as far as this legislation is concerned. There are those who are prepared to side with the rich man - the international investor.

Mr Lynch - I rise to order. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the motion before the chair. It is totally irrelevant.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Martin)Order!When I listen to this babble I can remember that when I was a child I heard a remark by a predecessor in this chair, Mr Archie Cameron, who said that the babble in the House reminded him of being in a 2-up school. I am starting to think that we are reverting to those days. I remind the honourable member for Phillip that the discussion must be limited to the motion before the chair.

Mr RIORDAN - I, of course, was falling for the temptation to respond to some of the irrelevant interjections which were coming from the other side of the House. I will do my best to resist that temptation. However, I believe that this is a matter which should be considered urgently by this House because the issues are great. But the issues are also simple. We do not need a week to debate whether we want to side with big business and financial institutions or to give the Australian people the right to participate in the economic growth of Australia. That is what the issues are all about. As the Minister pointed out, this legislation was introduced on 30 August. The Opposition has had plenty of time to consider the matter. Its problem has not been time to give consideration to the matter; its problem has been that the instructions from its big business friends have been a bit slow in coming through. The channels of communication have been slowed down and the Opposition has been caught on the hop. It has not been until this week that the Opposition Iras received its instructions from outside this Parliament. Honourable members opposite have to vote and they have to make up their minds. We are here to make sure that this essential legislation is not unduly delayed.

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