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Wednesday, 17 October 1973
Page: 2241

Mr HOLTEN (INDI, VICTORIA) - My question, which I address to the Minister for Social Security, refers to the national health scheme. It is basically the same question that I last asked him and to which he spoke over 500 words in not answering. In the Department of Health pamphlet The Plain Facts', which many people call 'The Half Truths', the question is asked: How will the new scheme be financed?' The answers given are: Firstly, by 1.35 per cent of taxable income; secondly, a Government grant; and thirdly, a levy on workers' compensation and third party motor vehicle insurance. The Prime Minister did not reveal the second and third means in his policy speech. He referred only to 1.35 per cent of taxable income. I ask the Minister how much he estimates the amount of the government grant will be for 1974-7S. How much does he estimate will be derived from the levies to which I have referred?

Mr HAYDEN (OXLEY, QUEENSLAND) (Minister for Social Security) - If 'The Plain Facts' is now called 'The Half Truths', on past performances of the honourable member he will warmly embrace it to his bosom. If he wishes to know what the cost distribution is for the health insurance program I invite him to read the report of the planning committee. His behaviour confirms what I have always suspected - that he has not read the report. It contains the costing distribution. The amount of money which will be raised by the levy on third party and workers' compensation insurers, as I indicated the last time I answered a question from the honourable member, would be the same amount which would be currently outlaid and which would be outlaid in any succeeding year for hospital and medical costs incurred by people covered by those schemes and drawing on those sorts of services as a result of their rights under those sorts of insurance schemes.

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