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Monday, 15 October 1973
Page: 2130

Mr Snedden asked the Prime Minister, upon notice:

(1)   With reference to the 46 commissions, committees and inquiries established by the Government between 2 December 1972 and 31 May 1973, (a) which have produced reports on their work, (b) which reports are available to the public, (c) which reports have been tabled in Parliament and when were they tabled and (d) when is it expected that the remainder will complete their work or produce reports, and how many of these reports will be made public.

(2)   What further commissions committees, inquiries or similar arrangements have been instituted since 31 May 1973,

Mr Whitlam - The answer to the right honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   (a), (b) and (c). On receipt of each report the question of tabling is considered. Where a report has been tabled it has been recorded in Hansard. The following Hansard references are provided for the right honourable member's convenience - 28 February page 39,15 March page 607, 3 April page 1006, 10 April page 1259. 11 April page 1299, 2 May page 1560, 2 May page 1561, 3 May page 1650, 17 May page 2262, 24 May page 2579, 25 May page 2715. 30 May page 2840. 31 May page 2939, 21 August page 167, 22 August page 213, 29 August page 522, 30 August page 665, 13 September page 945. 27 September page 1631. (d) As each further report is received by the Government the matter of tablingwill be considered.

(2)   1 am advised that the following additional Commissions of Inquiry, Committees, Task Forces reporting to the Government have been instituted:

Australian Ionising Radiation Advisory Council.

Burdekin Project Committee.

Commission of Inquiry into the Maritime Industry.

Committee on Development of Outdoor Recreation.

Committee of Inquiry into the Protection of Privacy.

Committee of Reference for Defence Forces Pay.

Committee on National Uniform Safety Code for

Australian Government Employment.

Committee on Possible ways of increasing imports.

Consultation with Young People.

Consumer Affairs Council (Related to A.C.T.).

Inquiry into Aboriginal/Police Relations.

Financial Needs for training teachers for special education in tertiary institutions.

Financial Support for approved private teachers colleges.

Inquiry into Certain Aspects of Stevedoring Industry.

Government Industry Panel on Cherries.

Inquiry into Employment in the Building Industry.

Inquiry into Technical Education in the A.C.T.

Inquiry into the prices of certain commodities and services in the A.C.T. and Northern Territory.

Interim Executive of the Australian Health Insurance Commission.

Interim Primary Schools Libraries Committee.

Legal Aid Review Committee.

Medical Fees Tribunal.

National Committee on Discrimination in Employment and Occupations.

Possible development in Australian universities of studies in linguistics, including Aboriginal linguistics.

Possible steps to encourage studies in Australian universities of the languages and cultures of people who represent a significant component of Australia's migrant intake.

Royal Commission into Petroleum and Petroleum Products.

Second Interim Committee for the Schools Commission.

West Australian Airport Advisory Committee.

Working Party on Nursing Homes Fees.

Working Party on the Environmental Implications of the Woodchip Industry and the Softwood Forestry Program.

Workshop on Aboriginal Health Services and Aboriginal Health Workers.

It is my intention to make a statement at the end of the current sitting along the lines of that which I made in the House on 31 May, at the end of the Autumn Sitttings.

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