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Thursday, 11 October 1973
Page: 1951

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - The Labor Party in the last month seems to have been possessed by the greatest streak of wild imagination that one has ever seen. I have never heard so much garbage from members on the other side of the House as has come from them in recent times when their electoral prospects are diminishing. They are suddenly trying to find excuses to portray the Liberal-Country Party Opposition as being totally reliant upon overseas corporations. I can tell any member opposite where I obtain my campaign funds. I do not obtain lc from overseas and I am quite sure that my Party has sources of local people who contribute. The little people contribute, not the big trade unions. The people who donate to our funds have different political philosophies from the Labor controlled unions who say to certain people that they must donate a percentage towards Labor Party slush funds. We have heard enough of this garbage.

In recent weeks this country has been brought to its knees through industrial strife. Inflation is Tunning riot. Measures taken concerning tariffs and other things are to the advantage of importers and overseas manufacturers. Honourable members try to fly kites here to protect their own skins and to give the impression that all is not well in the state of Denmark. Not one member opposite has been prepared to lay on the table any proof of the claims that have been made in recent times. Let us hope that the Australian Press is mature enough not to start making headlines of the various claims which have been made by small time members of the Labor Party.

While we are on the question of honesty and integrity I revert to an issue which I have raised many times in the last few weeks. Fortunately this is the last time that I will have to speak on the matter because at long last the Government has taken some action. The matter I refer to is the Brisbane airport. Last night the Minister for Civil Aviation (Mr Charles Jones) told the Parliament that his Government had allocated Sim through division 940 of the estimates of the Department of Services and Property. He almost gave the impression that members of Parliament who had had the idea in the past that the Government was not building a new airport at Brisbane were placing a wrong interpretation on the recent Budget. I believe that the Minister has misled this Parliament. It is a grave accusation to make and one which I have never previously made. I believe that the Minister for Civil Aviation, at a time of panic last night misled the Australian Parliament in bis presentation.

For 2 months now I, along with the Labor Lord Mayor of Brisbane and the Brisbane Courier Mail', through its editorials, have claimed that the Labor Party scrapped the Brisbane airport from its program for this coming year. The 'Courier Mail' of 31 August carried an editorial of condemnation. On 23 August the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Alderman Jones, expressed disappointment. I spoke in this Parliament half a dozen times trying to ferret out from the artful dodger what he had in mind for the Brisbane airport. Considerable suggestion had been made which had not been denied, that the Labor Party in accord with its intentions to cut down expenditure in certain areas had lopped off the proposed expenditure for the Brisbane airport.

I commenced to campaign in this Parliament like I have never campaigned for anything in this Parliament before. The honourable member for Lilley (Mr Doyle), who is interjecting at the moment, holds his seat by a margin of 35 votes. At long last the Minister has told the Parliament that the money is to be made available. I would say that it was a million reaction dollars. One million dollars is to be spent in an endeavour to save the seat of the honourable member for Lilley. I have nothing personal against the honourable member for Lilley, but it is not he who decides how money is spent. He and the people of Brisbane had been given a miss at the last consideration of the Budget. I said that the Minister has misled the House. He has misled the House in that he claimed that the $lm involved was put away in the estimates for 'the Department of Services and Property. The Minister for Services and Property (Mr Daly) is in the House. Knowing how conniving the 2 Ministers are, I can see that they have got together, thought about the Brisbane people having them on the run, and found $lm. They have ripped the money from the Department of Services and Property and have said that it is for the Brisbane airport. All that I ask for is a little honesty from the Government.

Mr Bryant - You cannot expect those sorts of things.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Well, I would hope for a little honesty from the Government. I know that $lm is not much but according to the Coombs committee report that is all that the previous Government was setting aside for this year. According to that report the Liberal-Country Party Government was setting aside $13m next year, $18m the year after and $130m thereafter. I expect in the Budget next year an allocation of similar amounts.

Mr Corbett - We will put it in all right.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - The honourable member reminds me that we will be allocating money in the Budget. That will happen if there is an election in the near future and the Labor Party, as it most certainly will, goes out of power. In that event I will be as vociferous as I have been in recent weeks in attacking members of my own Party if they act to give Brisbane a rough deal. Now we are on the way let us not lose the advantage. I hope that the Minister for Civil Aviation is charitable and comes into this Parliament and admits that the money has been made available as a result' of the perseverance of the honourable member for Lilley who has reacted to my persistence and my own actions. I did not tell the Minister that I was going to speak in this debate because on every previous occasion I have informed him of my intention to speak he has not had the manners to come into the Parliament and to respond. What is the use of extending courtesies to some Ministers? I assure the rest of the Ministry that I will extend the courtesy which is expected at all times.

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