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Thursday, 11 October 1973
Page: 1931

Mr PEACOCK (KOOYONG, VICTORIA) - My question is directed to the Deputy Prime Minister on the proper assumption that this morning in this House he is accountable for the actions of the Government. In view of the statement made on Tuesday that the Government will recognise the new Government of Chile today, and with the understanding that governments may be recognised notwithstanding the manner in which they take government, how does the Minister reconcile this particular decision with the views stated in a telegram to the Chilean Ambassador in Australia on 13 September by eight of his Ministers and 36 other Labor members of Parliament and senators that the new government was illegal and that they would undertake efforts 'to help the Chilean people regain their freedom'? How does the Minister reconcile the decision with the actions being taken by members of his Party, as reported today, that they are urging that Federal Government to move against the Chilean military regime?

Mr BARNARD - The Prime Minister, in his capacity as Minister for Foreign Affairs, made a decision about the relationship of Australia with the new Government in Chile. The main criterion applied by most states in determining recognition of a government is whether it is in effective control of the territory of the country concerned. Recognition of a government does not imply approval of the policies or actions of that government. The new regime in Santiago is in effective control of Chile. More than 40 governments have recognised the new Chilean regime, including all Latin American governments - except Cuba - Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, West Germany and Japan -

Mr Peacock - Will you table that schedule?

Mr SPEAKER -Order! Once again I issue another warning. If there is any facetiousness during answers to questions I will take appropriate action, and take it smartly. I ask Opposition members in particular to eliminate the larrikinism which has been evident in this House in the past few weeks. If they do not I will certainly see that they are put outside.

Mr BARNARD - All Latin countries except Cuba have recognised the new government in Chile.

Mr Peacock - All Latin countries?

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I warn the honourable member for Kooyong.

Mr BARNARD - Since the honourable member for Kooyong was interjecting let me correct the impression that he probably gained. All Latin American countries with the exception of Cuba have recognised the new regime. The Australian decision to recognise the new regime was made only after exhaustive consultations with friendly countries including, in particular, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. Mexico has continued its relations with Santiago. Canada recognised the regime on 2 October and, as the honourable gentleman said, Australia and New Zealand are together recognising it today, 11 October.

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