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Tuesday, 18 September 1973
Page: 1216

Mr DOYLE (Lilley) - The abusive wailings of the honourable member for Griffith (Mr Donald Cameron) and the rantings of some of his colleagues in the Liberal Party in areas around Brisbane are empty and reek of political overtones. For 23 years under Liberal-Country Party governments-

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. There is a standing order which states that members of this Parliament shall not read prepared speeches.

Mr DOYLE - It is not necessary for me to read a prepared speech. For 23 years, under Liberal-Country Party governments, Brisbane was a forgotten city insofar as airports are concerned. We know that in Perth, Launceston, Sydney and Melbourne massive amounts of money were expended on the modernising and building of airports, but the previous LiberalCountry Party governments forgot all about Brisbane and did not spend one cent on modernising or updating the airport at Eagle Farm.

Mr Cooke - When was the terminal rebuilt?

Mr DOYLE - I do not intend to worry about replying to interjections from honourable members opposite, as I have only a couple of minutes in which to put my case. An advisory committee, which consisted of representatives of the Brisbane City Council, the Queensland Government and the Commonwealth Government, was set up to examine the matter. It brought down a report in January 1972. Whenever I hear members of the Liberal Party, particularly the honourable member for Griffith, speak about the Brisbane Airport I am quite convinced that they have not read the report and consequently do not know what it contains. Whenever they make statements, as the honourable member for Griffith did this evening, about the construction of the runways and the terminal facilities at the airport not going according to schedule, I am fairly convinced that they have not taken the time or been interested enough to read the report and to investigate just what it tells people who are so interested. I hope I will not be in breach of the Standing Orders in quoting from it.

According to the report that was handed down in January 1972, which was when a Liberal-Country Party government was in office at the Federal level, the construction of the runways at the Brisbane Airport is not due to commence until mid-1976. That just shows that the honourable member for Griffith does not know what he is talking about. The previous Government intended to take their homes from working people who live in the areas of Cribb Island, Nudgee Beach and a section of Nudgee and to try to force them away from their properties without giving them adequate compensation. The present Government has acted differently. It is taking positive steps to protect the interests of the people concerned. There is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate the claim made by the honourable member for Griffith that the present Government is retarding the development of the airport. The acquisition of land is proceeding. That is being done in accordance with the timetable set out in the report to which I have referred.

The Government is, of course, concerned about reducing the noise level. It is also concerned about the environment. The construction of an airport of the size of the one proposed for Brisbane has necessitated ecology studies being carried out. An environmental impact study had to be concluded. A scale model of the proposed airport was built at the University of Queensland in order that the engineers who will be associated with the building of the airport might know what effect the flooding that occurs in Brisbane from time to time will have on this area. I do not know whether the Liberal-Country Party Government intended to race in and build an airport without carrying out the necessary studies-

Mr SPEAKER -Order! It being 11 o'clock, in accordance with the resolution of the House, the House stands adjourned until 11.30 a.m. tomorrow.

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