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Tuesday, 28 August 1973
Page: 505

Mr Bennett asked the Postmaster-General, upon notice:

(1)   Which firm has the contract for the Pink Pages of the Western Australian Telephone Directory.

(2)   What is the expiry date of the contract.

(3)   Are contributors to the Pink 'Pages compelled to pay accounts some time before issue of the Directory.

(4)   Are accounts payable without sighting the proof copy.

(5)   Is it a fact that the contractors accept no liability for errors made in publication.

(6)   If so, what redress have advertisers for errors made in advertisements.

(7)   Have there been any changes in policy of the Pink Page contractors in the years 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973.

(8)   If so, what were these changes of policy.

(9)   Are separate charges made for city and country Directories.

(10)   If so, why, and what is the difference in rate.

Mr Lionel Bowen (KINGSFORD-SMITH, NEW SOUTH WALES) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows: <1) Directories (Aust.) Pty Ltd, 207 Murray Street, Perth, W.A. 6000.

(2)   30th June, 1976.

(3)   Under the current arrangements, the Contractor is responsible for collecting accounts for pink page advertisements and most accounts for part or all of the costs of such advertisements are rendered prior to the issue of directories. This is because the Con tractor needs to obtain payment progressively to meet his operational expenses.

(4)   Yes. The procedure is for payment to be sought at the point of sale. If this is not acceptable, advertisers are asked for payment on receipt of account or, in the case of large accounts, a progressive payment program is arranged.

A copy of the layout of an advertisement is left with the advertiser and in most cases this is sufficient. For this reason, proof copies of advertisements are not supplied unless specifically requested.

(5)   and (6) Neither the Post Office nor its Contractors accept liability for damages arising from errors in the Telephone Directory. This aspect is featured prominently at the head of the classified section of directories and is one of the terms and conditions of the agreement signed by advertisers. It is the practice, though, for all or part of the cost of an advertisement to be refunded depending on the extent to which the advertisement is affected by an error.

(7)   and (8) The Post Office is not aware of any difference in the policies of the two contractors in Western Australia over this period.

(9)   Yes.

(10)   Rates are based on effective circulation of the directory in which the advertisement appears. Present rates for advertisements in Western Australian directories are as follows.


(A)   Extra lines of information

(B)   Ordinary type

(C)   Bold type Trade Name Cards

(A)   iinch

(B)   1 inch (Q H inches


(A)   Single quarter column . .

(B)   Double quarter column . .

(C)   Double half column

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