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Thursday, 31 May 1973
Page: 3058

Mr Graham asked the Minister for Social Security, upon notice:

(1)   With reference to his answer to question No. 523 (Hansard, 22 May 1973, page 2470), what percentage of the 454,800 men, aged 65 years and over, are in receipt of social service pensions.

(2)   What percentage of the 888,700 women, aged 60 years and over, are in receipt of social service pensions.

(3)   How many invalids are there in Australia, and how many of these people are in receipt of age or invalid pensions.

(4)   What is the cost of all fringe benefits paid to social service pensioners as at 30 April 1973.

Mr Hayden - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (2) At April 1973 approximately 61 per cent of men aged 65 years and over and approximately 74 per cent of women aged 60 years and over who were qualified by residence for an age pension were in receipt of a pension from the Department of Social Security. Approximately a further 10 per cent of the men were in receipt of a service pension from the Repatriation Department.

(3)   No information is available about the total number of invalids, or the number of invalids in receipt of age pensions, in Australia. At 23 April 1973 there were 147,418 people in Australia in receipt of an invalid pension.

(4)   There are a wide variety of fringe benefits available to pensioners from the Australian Government and State and Local Government Authorities. Details of the total cost of all these fringe benefits are not available, but th: estimated expenditure foi 1973-73 on fringe benefits made available to social service pensioners from the Australian Government are shown below.


Additional fringe benefits made available to pensioners by the Australian Government which involve a cost not reflected in expenditure figures are:

Concessional rate radio and TV licences,

Hearing aid services,

Concession fares on Commonwealth railways and the Australian National Shipping Line.

The estimated costs of these concessions are not readily available.

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