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Tuesday, 10 April 1973
Page: 1255

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I ask the honourable member for Mackellar to keep his remarks related to the suspension of Standing Orders.

Mr WENTWORTH - I am trying to show why it is important that we should debate this matter. Things have been omitted from the Government's presentation, and the Government's presentation of this whole case has been one-sided. It is perfectly true, as the Prime Minister has said, that fanatical Croat organisations were responsible for the assassination, for example, of King Alexander. I think he mentioned this earlier today. He did not mention that antecedent to that incident 5 Croat deputies had been murdered inside the Parliament of Yugoslavia and that the assassination of the King followed upon this murder. This is the kind of selection which gives a distorted picture. The Prime Minister spoke of Ante Pavelic as being a Hitler puppet.

Mr Cohen - He was.

Mr WENTWORTH - In a sense this is true.

Mr Cohen - Not in a sense. He was a puppet. He was a Nazi.

Mr WENTWORTH - In a sense this is true, but the Prime Minister did not say that Pavelic was active long before the war, nor does he gay that he was at one time endeavouring to be on the Allied side when Russia and Hitler were in full alliance and the faction that is now the Government of Yugoslavia was the Axis puppet at that time. This is the kind pf selective presentation which the Prime Minister has given us and by omitting so many of the facts and saying so many things which were true he has distorted the whole picture.

We want to know more about what has happened in Australia. The Prime Minister has quoted from Australian Security Intelligence Organisation files. I do not know what is in ASIO files. I of course have never seen them, but I know that there is another side to the picture, and it would be surprising indeed if it were not in ASIO files. The AttorneyGeneral (Senator Murphy) referred to agentsprovocateurs. This is a most important thing, and it is most important, of course, in regard to the Warburton Ranges affair which the Prime Minister mentioned and which has been mentioned quite widely in the Senate. I will not go into the details of the Warburton Ranges affair because it is sub judice, but I simply make in passing the same kind of reference to it as the Government has made. In my opinion the Warburton Ranges affair does not show Croat guilt. It shows rather Yugoslav Titoist Government guilt and the use of agents-provocateurs and frame-ups deliberately to give a distorted picture.

I may be right; I may be wrong.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I ask the honourable member for Mackellar to return to debating why he wants the Standing Orders suspended.

Mr WENTWORTH - I am trying to do that. I am saying that I believe the debate should proceed in order that this kind of thing can be mentioned in the House. We have heard only one side. I am not giving details; I am referring to the kinds of matters which could be mentioned in a more extended debate. There is the other side, and there is some evidence that this other side is important.

The Prime Minister referred to our honoured guest, the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia. He was careful not to mention that our honoured guest had been an officer of the infamous UDBA, the secret police of the Titoist Yugoslavs, and that this is how he achieved his rise to power. The Prime Minister did not tell the House that our honoured guest bad been, in Bosnia, which is in Yugoslavia, the chief of this secret police and that his connection with UDBA was the foundation of his career. The Prime Minister did not tell the House of the numbers of Yugoslav agents who are being attached, in some kind of semi-official way, to the consulates and other bodies throughout Australia. He did not tell the House one very important thing. He spoke, in passing, of the Attorney-General's concern lest there be a plot to assassinate many people in Australia, including himself.

Dr Gun - Mr Speaker, I rise to order. The motion moved by. the honourable member for Mackellar relates to the suspension of Standing Orders. He is not speaking to that motion at all. The honourable member is speaking about a number of matters that concern him. It is his right as a member of the Parliament to give notice of motion for General Business to enable him to discuss those matters, if he wishes. He has not adduced any arguments as to why the business of the House should be pre-empted and Standing Orders suspended.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! There is no substance in the point of order.

Mr WENTWORTH - The Prime Minister did not mention that the information that was given on this matter - I have heard some rumour of this - apparently related to a plot which originated in Yugoslavia to implicate Croats. I think that if he looks at the documents he will know more about that. Finally, he spoke of terrorism in Australia. All honourable members are opposed to terrorism in Australia. It is a question of who is responsible for it and whether it is all on one side. The Prime Minister also said how terrible it was that people in Australia should organise against the legitimate government of Yugoslavia. For many months he and his Party have been organising against the legitimate government of South Vietnam - a friendly country with which we were in diplomatic communion. The Prime Minister is a supporter of terrorism. He is the guilty man. He and his Party have been active supporters of terrorism in Australia.

Mr SPEAKER - Is the motion seconded?

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