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Wednesday, 28 March 1973
Page: 838

Mr SPEAKER -Does the honourable gentleman claim to have been' misrepresented?

Mr MALCOLM FRASER - Yes, completely and utterly. When the Minister for Labour (Mr Clyde Cameron) has a position from which he cannot argue from fact, and when he has a position in which he is trying to change his responsibility-

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Mr Speaker, I raise a point of order. Is the honourable gentleman entitled to resume the debate under the guise of making a personal explanation, or must he show where he has been personally misrepresented?

Mr SPEAKER -The Chair will decide if the honourable member gets away from a personal explanation.

Mr MALCOLM FRASER - Mr Speaker,if it were not for your presence and for the respect which I have for you I would say that the Minister for Labour has lied. But because of the respect I have for you-

Mr SPEAKER -Order! That is unparliamentary.

Mr MALCOLM FRASER - I withdraw that and say that what the Minister has said in many respects is completely untrue. For example, he said that I had sold all of my wool through Geelong for a number of years. When we first had a fight to establish wool sales at Portland we shipped wool through Portland when there were no sales there so that it could be sold at London. This was done at a good deal of disadvantage. For years our wool has been sold or shipped out of Portland.

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Yours?

Mr MALCOLM FRASER - Yes. This shows the quality of the kind of attack which the Minister for Labour makes upon members of the Opposition when he knows that the facts are against him. He knows that responsibility in this matter rests between himself and the Australian Employers of Waterside Labour.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member is debating the matter. He has made his point so far as a personal explanation is concerned.

Mr MALCOLM FRASER - There is another matter in which I have been misrepresented, Mr Speaker. It was sugested that I had said that a matter which was a State responsibility was in fact a Federal responsibility. The position which the Minister takes is not supported by all Australian Labor Party members of the Legislative Council in Victoria. Two Labor members who represent Western Victoria have accepted and supported the resolutions which I and others have raised asking the Minister for Labour, at first politely and not politically, to take his proper responsibilities for these matters. He resolutely refuses to make an approach to the AEWL. I believe that this is because the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Waterside Workers

Federation have supported the AEWL. The Minister does nothing for decentralised ports around Australia.

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