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Thursday, 9 December 1971
Page: 4613

Mr Kennedy asked the Minister for Education and Science, upon no' ice:

(1)   What amounts were (a) allocated or (b) scheduled for allocation in Commonwealth grants < to each State for teachers colleges in the (i) 1967- 70 and (ii) 1970-73 trienniums.

(2)   What are the names of the (a) metropolitan and (b) non-metropolitan teachers colleges in each State, and what amount was (i) allocated or (ii) scheduled for allocation to each of these college* in (A) 1967-70 and (B) 1970-73.

(3)   What amounts and percentages were allocated to (a) metropolitan and (b) nonmetropolitan colleges in (i) each State and (ii) ali States in each triennium.

(4)   Can he say what (a) numbers and (b) percentages of students enrolled in teachers the last year for which figures are available were enrolled in (i) metropolitan and (ii) nonmetropolitan colleges.

(5)   In approving allocations of Commonwealth money by Slate Governments for teachers colleges, did he and his predecessors call for adjustments to State building programmes in the interests of balanced development ir> metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas; if so, in what instances has this adjustment been called for.

(6)   If it has not been the practice of his predecessors and himself to consider the objective of balanced development in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas, will be introduce the practice.

Mr Malcolm Fraser (WANNON, VICTORIA) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:



For a complete analysis of statistics- related to teacher education I would refer the Honourable Member o the Bureau of Census and Statistics publication 'Teacher Education 1970*. - <5) No. .........

(6)   Grants made available1 by the Commonwealth under the 1967 and ' 1970 States Grants (Teachers Colleges) Acts were subject to the condition's: . " . ' ' .

(i)   that the choice of location; the priority and the amount of money to be spent on .each project would be a matter for each State to determine, subject to general endorse- ment by" the Commonwealth, and ' '

(ii)   that 10 per cent of the places so provided to be available .for students who were not' bonded for subsequent -employment in Edution Department schools.

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