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Thursday, 9 December 1971
Page: 4600

Mr Reynolds asked the Minister representing the Minister for Health, upon notice:

(I)   What proportion of hospital bed costs are now met by (a) Commonwealth contributions, (b) Fund contributions and (c) other sources.

(2)   What daily subsidy of hospital fees is paid by the Commonwealth in respect of (a) insured and (b) non-insured patients in (i) public, (ii) intermediate and (iii) private wards.

(3)   What proportion of the fees charged, in each category, does the subsidy represent.

Dr Forbes - The Minister for Health has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)   During the year ended 30th June 1969, the latest year for which comparable figures are available, the average cost per occupied bed/day (including outpatients' costs) in public hospitals was met from the following sources, in the proportions shown:

(a)   Commonwealth Benefit1-

(i)   Commonwealth hospital benefits - 11.4 per cent

(ii)   Commonwealth pharmaceutical benefits for in-patients - 4 6 per rent

(b)   Patients' Fees, including payments of fund benefits to insured patients - 27.3 per cent

(c)   Other Sources - 56.3 per cent


(1)   All figures shown above exclude the cost of treatment of tuberculosis patients in tuberculosis hospitals and sanatoria, and in general public hospitals.

(ii)   lt is not possible to show the amount of fund benefits included in 'patients' fees' as a separate amount.

(iii)   'Other sources' includes Stale Government financial assistance, Commonwealth Grantsinaid to Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory hospitals, sundry donations, etc.

(2)   Commonwealth hospital benefits are payable in respect of patients in approved public and private hospitals as follows:

Where a charge is made -

(a)   insured patients - $2.00 per day

(b)   uninsured patients - $0.80 per day

Where no charge is made -

(c)   pensioner patients treated in public wards of approved pu hi ic hospitals - $5.00

(d)   other patients - $2.00 per day

(3)   The porportion of current hospital fees represented by the Commonwealth payments shown in (2) above is shown below:


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