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Thursday, 9 December 1971
Page: 4583

Mr Kennedy asked the Minister for Education and Science, upon notice:

(2)   How many persons were employed in the manual marking of scripts in 1970 in (a) each State and Territory and (b) the Commonwealth.

(3)   On what dales were the (a) examinations held, (b) scripts marked and (c) results announced.

(4)   What were the hours during which examiners worked in marking scripts.

(5)   Was there a maximum number of hours that an examiner could work; if so, what was it.

(6)   What were the terms of the remuneration for an examiner.

(7)   What sum was paid in 1970 by the Commonwealth or (a) supervision of examinations and (b) marking of scripts in (i) each State and Territory and (ii) the Commonwealth.

(8)   In what other ways were costs incurred by the Commonwealth in the administration of the Commonwealth secondary scholarship scheme in 1970 and what were these costs.

(9)   Can he say what (a) direct and (b) indirect costs were incurred by (i) each State Government and (ii) private education authorities in the administration of the scheme in 1970.

Mr Malcolm Fraser (WANNON, VICTORIA) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

It is not possible to provide answers toall parts of the Honourable Member's question from the information held by my Department. The Australian Council for Educational Research has a contract with my Department covering the preparation and marking of the Commonwealth Secondary Scholarships Examination. It has been necessary to approach the Council for certain information and I shall pass on to the Honourable Member by letter any additional information the Council is able to provide. Details which are available are as follows:

(1)   (a) Throughout the Commonwealth students normally sit for the CSSE at the school they are attending. In some cases students from small schools attend a larger school inthe districtto sit for the examination.

(3)   (a) The 1970 C.S.S.E. was held on July 29 and 30.

(a)   The results were announced in the various stales on the following dates:

New South Wales- 21 January 1971.

Victoria- 27 November 1970.

Queensland - 30 November 1970.

South Australia - 2 December 1970.

Western Australia - 7 December 1970.

Tasmania- 28 November 1970.

(7)   (a) The Commonwealth paid the following amounts in 1970 for supervision of the examination:


In the other 3 States the examination is supervised by teachers and there is no cost to the Commonwealth.

(b)   The Commonwealth paid a total of $110,119 for the costs associated with the manual marking of the Written Expression papers (4 essays, each marked twice). This amount is made up of $72,459 actually paid to markers and $37,660 for other costs such as hire of premises, clerical processing, stationery and telephone. The answer sheets for the other 3 papers are machine scored and the costs are included in the amounts shown for ADP services in Question 8.It is not possible to give a State break-up of marking costs.

(8)   The other costs incurred by the Commonwealth in the administration of the Commonwealth Secondary Scholarship Scheme in 1970 were:

(a)   Payments to the ACER under a contractual agreement:

(i)   $44,850 for the development of the papers and the supervision of the production of the results for 5 States,

(ii)   $108,630 as reimbursement for the costs associated with the services provided. This is made up of $60,414 for ADP services and $48,216 for printing of the examination papers,

(iii)   $10,000 for research into the CSSE.

(b)   Payments to State authorities for the conduct of the examination:


In South Australia the examination is conducted by the South Australian State Office of the Commonwealth Department of Education and Science whose administrative costs amounted to $1,300.

(c)   Paymentto the New South Wales Department of Education for ADP services associaled with the machine marking of answer sheets and production of results for candidates from that State: $19,816.

(d)   Printing of forms and stationery used in the administration of the scheme: $6,000.

(9)   This information is not available.

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