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Thursday, 9 December 1971
Page: 4523

Mr Kennedy asked the Minister for the Army, upon notice:

(1)   What is the (a) establishment and (b) strength of each unit located at Monegeeta Victoria.

(2)   How many civilian employees are engaged at Monegeetta and what are their classifications.

(3)   When was the (a) military complex and (b) married persons accommodation first established at Monegeetta, and in what years have buildings, facilities and accommodation of all kinds been established since.

(4)   How many married quarters are there st Monegeetta.

(5)   Do plans exist for the upgrading of (a) working and (b) living accommodation at Monegeetta.

(6)   If so, (a) what do the plans involve, (b) when were they drawn up and (c) when will they be implemented.

Mr Peacock - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   (a) The establishment at the Trials and

Proving Wing of Army Design Establishment, Monegeetta, consists of 2 ARA and 51 civilians. In addition there is at present a supernumerary establishment to carry out trials on a 1 ton truck. This consists of 25 ARA and 2 civilians, (b) The strength at Monegeetta consists of 2 ARA and 50 civilians plus 21 ARA and 2 civilians supernumerary, to establishment.

(2)   Civilians employed at Monegeetta consist of:


(3)   (a) The military complex was established in 1943.

(b)   Married quarters were provided in 1951. A short history of construction is:

(1)   1943: Test slopes were constructed.

(2)   1943-1951: Some 29 buildings were constructed. These included workshops, stores and living and messing accommodation.

(3)   1960: Concrete roads and speed track were built.

(4)   1963: A test slope and splash pan were built.

(5)   1971: The administrative and control building was built.

(4)   Twenty.

(5)   (a) Yes. (b) Yes.

(6)   (a) (1) Construction of living and messing accommodation for rank and file.

(2)   Conversion of an existing building to a paint shop and electrical workshop.

(3)   Construction of a Q store and technical stores.

(4)   Construction of a vehicle compound.

(5)   Construction of a car park.

(6)   Construction of an inflammable liquids store.

(b)   Army planning was completed this year.

(c)   It is hoped to commence the new construction in about 2 years time, but this will be dependent upon its relative priority within the funds allocation.

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