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Thursday, 9 December 1971
Page: 4449

Mr HAYDEN (Oxley) - 1 move:

That so much of Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the honourable member for Oxley speaking in relation lo the National Film and Television Training School. 1 do so because there was a proposal to have 3 speakers from this side of the House on this issue. The Government arbitrarily decided that there would be only 2 speakers from this side without, I understand, referring the matter to anyone in a responsible position on the Opposition side.

The matter I want to deal with in relation to the National Film and Television Training School does not in fact relate to whether or not we should have a school but relates rather to the conduct of the Minister for the Environment, Aborigines and the Arts (Mr Howson) and the Government in respect of the way in which they have handled this matter in the House. It seems to me that there has been a continuing thread of what one could describe in a fairly mild way as misrepresentation of the nature of this policy proposal and the reasons why the delegate on the matter has been brought to a state of foundering, to be scuttled later quietly and quickly. It seems to me that there has been a number of-

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! 1 suggest to the honourable member for Oxley that the subject now before the Chair is the motion for the suspension of the Standing Orders. Earlier in the day it was pointed out that the motion for the suspension of the Standing Orders does not cover the subject matter which the mover will seek to discuss but relates to the reason for suspending the Standing Orders. The only subject matter that can be discussed is that relating to the suspension of Standing Orders.

Mr HAYDEN - Mr Deputy Speaker,I appreciate your direction. Nonetheless you will also appreciate the need for some flexibility if one is to establish a case in support of one's contention that the Standing Orders ought to be suspended in order to allow one to present a particular form of argument. What 1 am putting to you is that because of the arbitrary way in which the Government has closed down debate - and this is no secret to any member of the House - this matter has been buried in the Notice Paper and will not be resurrected between now and the next election, whenever that happens to be.

The issue I want to bring forth in debate is (hat there has been this continuing pattern of what I regard as grave misrepresentation of this issue.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! I point out again to the honourable member that he is transgressing the Standing Orders. If he continues to transgress them in this way I shall have to ask him to resume his seat.

Mr HAYDEN - I ask that the Standing Orders be suspended so as to allow me to debate this issue. Perhaps 1 could indicate to you-

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - No. The honourable member knows that when he seeks the suspension of the Standing Orders he is asking, if the House agrees to the suspension, for an opportunity to discuss the subject matter of the statement made on the national film and television training school. The motion before the Chair is for the suspension of the Standing Orders and is not the substantive matter.

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