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Tuesday, 30 November 1971
Page: 3876

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for Education and Science, upon notice:

Will he bring up-to-date the information which his predecessor gave on 23rd September 1970 (Hansard, page 1581) on State campaigns to recruit teachers overseas.

Mr Malcolm Fraser (WANNON, VICTORIA) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Information on the recruitment of overseas teachers since 1970 was supplied by the Education Departments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. The Queensland Education Department was unable to provide any details.

New South Wales

In the period from 12th February 1971 to 8th October 1971, the New South Wales Education Department advertised in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.

This resulted in 19,071 inquiries from the United Kingdom and 10,124 inquiries from the United States and Canada. Five hundred and one actual applications from the United Kingdom and 3.905 applications from the United Stales and Canada were received. Of this number, 1,613 were qualified for employment and were offered positions. One thousand and nine teachers accepted these offers and by 8th October, 454 teachers had arrived in New South Wales.


There has been some extension of the direct recruitment programme since last year.


(a)   Direct Recruitment in the United Kingdom

Mr H.. 1. Russell has completed a 2 month tour and carried out interviews in the United Kingdom. As a result 25 permanent Direct Recruits and 21 temporary teachers have decided to teach in Victoria.

(b)   Direct Recruitment in Canada

Mr G.R. Maddocks, a member of the Board of Secondary Inspectors who was completing his Ph.D. at Alberta has been employed as Interviewing Officer to obtain Direct Recruits. These were offered a single air fare from the capital of their province to Melbourne on the undertaking to teach one academic year. Mr Maddocks has completed an interviewing programme involving over 100 teachers most of whom will be arriving between now and the beginning of the school year 1975

(c)   Direct Recruitment in the West Coast of the United States of America

At thesuggestion of Professor Claire Pederson who worked in Victorian Colleges in the mid-sixties a Direct Recruitment Programme in California and Washington State was established These teachers were offered either a single ticket for the teacher alone, given an undertaking to teach to the end of 1972, or a single ticket for the teacher and his dependants given an undertaking to teach to the end of 1973. Professor Pederson and a team of enthusiasts interviewed over 600 applicants and 110 teachers have been selected and arrived in Melbourne on a special Qantas flight on Tuesday, 31st August.

It must be emphasised that these Direct Recruitment Programmes have been for secondary teachers only and in the fields of Mathematics, Science, English, Geography, Physical Education and Music. All teachers recruited had to have a minimum preparation of 4 years including a degree and 12 months of teacher education courses and leaching practice.


The International Teaching Fellowship Programme Second Series has been instituted in the United Kingdom. Canada and the United Slates of America. The conditions ofthe Fellowship have been modified slightly from those which applied in the First Series.

Although finance for this programme was obtained because of the shortage of teachers this programme is a highly selective one being similar in kind to such Fellowships as Harknes, Carnegie, Fort and Fulbright. The persons who have been awarded these Fellowships in the First Series have outstanding records as teachers and have already made considerable contribution in the teaching of mathematics and science in their own countries. Their average age is thirty-five and their average qualification at the Masters level. These people are already contributing over and above their normal teaching function in Victoria. Although the programme will not be finalised until December already 10 scholarships have been awarded in the United Kingdom and several of the states and provinces of the United States of America and Canada have already forwarded their selections.

South Australi a

The South Australian Education Department has advertised for teachers in the United Kingdom the United States and Canada.

As at 17th September 1971, there hadbeen 1,535 letters of inquiry about teaching positions from which 184 teachers had been recruited.

Western Australia

The Western Australian Education Department only conducts active recruitment for teachers in the United Kingdom although applications are received from other countries. No records are kept of this latter group.

Since August 1970, 66 teachers from the United Kingdom have beenemployed by the Western Australian Education Department. Forty-four of these have been employed in 1971. No figures are available on the number ofapplications received from the United Kingdom teachers.


The Tasmanian Education Department has advertised in the United States and the United Kingdom. The number of applications received is not available. The number of acceptances arc:

United Kingdom - 45

United States- 13.

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