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Thursday, 7 October 1971
Page: 2127

Mr Enderby asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice:

(1)   What are the usual priority conditions to which he referred in answer to question No. 3805 relating to the allocation of land for the building of a house for the Minister for the Interior (Hansard, 9th September 1971).

(2)   What are the conditions and situations which must exist before priority conditions apply.

(3)   When did priority conditions first apply in the Australian Capital Territory.

(4)   ls it the intention of the Government to change the arrangements now in force.

(5)   What rental will be paid by the Minister for the Interior for the proposed house.

(6)   What was the value of the block of land on each occasion it was valued since 1950.

Mr Hunt - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The usual priority conditions referred to in answer to Question No. 3805 are that the priority allocatee may not purchase the lease of the land (with the house constructed thereon) until he becomes eligible to do so after the expiration of the normal waiting period applied to all other tenants and if he elects to purchase he will be required to pay the current market value of both the land lease and the house.

(2)   Priority allocations of Government accommodation are accorded to key personnel whose services are required by the Government in Canberra in the national or local interests of maintaining essential and efficient administration. The personnel includes such categories as key administrators, scientific and technical experts, specialised medical officers, servicemen on headquarters postings, fire brigade employees, public servants transferred to Canberra with the central administrations of Commonwealth Departments and school headmasters, deputy headmasters and subject masters.

(3)   Priority conditions have applied since Government housing was first constructed in the Australian Capital Territory.

(4)   The categories of personnel to whom priority accommodation is allocated are continuously under review in the light of the prevailing need for housing essential staff. The honourable members attention is referred to the answer the Prime Minister gave on 13th September 1971 to a similar question by the right honourable Sir Charles Adermann.

(5)   The rental of the house at present being constructed at Gellibrand Street, Campbell, irrespective of whom the occupant may be, is estimated at approximately $37 a week but the eventual rent will depend on the final cost, the land servicing charges, the amount of the rates and any alterations in rents generally which may occur in the meantime.

(6)   The block has been valued once only as at 1st January 1970 - the date of the last general valuations of land leases for rating purposes - when the value was $12,500. If the land lease is sold to a tenant at any time it will be at the current market value.

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