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Thursday, 30 September 1971
Page: 1810

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! The debate shall conform to the rules for a second reading debate. A general discussion of a matter in the principal Act, which is not referred to in the Bill, shall not be permitted unless it is relevant to the amendment which has been moved in the second reading debate. I realise that I have allowed the honourable member some latitude but I think his remarks are wide of the mark.

Mr ARMITAGE - I think, Sir, that my remarks relate to Article 44 (c) of the First Schedule which states:

The aims and objectives of the Organization are to develop the principles and techniques of international air navigation and to foster the planning and development of international air transport so as to:

(c)   Encourage the development of airways, airports, and air navigation facilities for international civil aviation;

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - That is in the principal Act?

Mr ARMITAGE - Yes. My remarks also relate to paragraph (h) which states:

Promote safety of Sight in international air navigation;

These are the issues which I will try to deal with, Sir. However, my time is running out.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -I would like the honourable member to confine his remarks to the Bill which is before the House. He is not allowed to deal with other aspects of the principal Act.

Mr Charles Jones - I rise on a point of order. I took advice from Mr Turner, the Clerk of the House, on this matter. I have been assured that honourable members are entitled, if they so desire, to debate any clause or articles that are in the principal Act. With due respect, I submit that the honourable member for Chifley is debating the principal Act.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -The ruling that I gave was that a general discussion of a section of the principal Act, which is not referred to in the Bill, should not be permitted. The matters raised by the honourable member are not referred to in the Bill. However, I have given the honourable member wide scope in this debate.

Mr ARMITAGE - Well, Mr Deputy Speaker, [ would like to finalise my remarks with 2 points so that time is not taken up by your rulings. I hope that my remarks will not be stifled too much.

I believe it is important that an authority should be given to myself and other members of Parliament, State and Federal, to express their views on issues before the State and Federal committee to be set up to look into the question of a second international airport. Also, I think it is vitally important that the people themselves who live in areas which will be affected by aircraft noise and safety considerations should be given opportunities to express their views by referendum. They should be given the opportunity to say whether or not a second airport should be located in their area. The people have a right to speak on this issue. I will abide by their decision. I appeal to all members of this House to ensure that people are given the right of representation before this committee. We should ensure that they are given the right to make their decision and to express their will on this issue.

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