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Thursday, 16 September 1971
Page: 1499

Dr Everingham asked the Minister for Shipping and Transport, upon notice:

(1)   Can he say whether the Road Safety Council of New South Wales has declared that disc brakes are a necessity.

(2)   Can he also say whether the Commonwealth or any State government requires safety standards for (a) brakes, (b) tyres, (c) steering, (d) collapsible steering column and chassis construction, (e) suspensions and (f) other vehicle components.

(3)   If so, where are those standards laid down.

Mr Nixon (GIPPSLAND, VICTORIA) (Minister for Shipping and Transport) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The Road Safety Council of New South Wales was disbanded recently. However, my Department has been advised, following consultation with former members of the Council, that such a declaration was not made by the Council.

(2)   and (3) Safety standards for all the items mentioned are embodied in one form or another in Acts and/or Regulations of each State or Territory of the Commonwealth. In particular the Australian Transport Advisory Council, which comprises Transport Ministers of each State and Territory, with myself as Chairman, has endorsed rules for a number of safety requirements for motor vehicles. These rules are published by my Department in the volume, 'Australian Design Rules for Motor Vehicle Safety', and cover the following items:

Reverse signal lamps

Door latches and hinges

Seat anchorages

Seat belts

Seat belt anchorage points

Direction turn signal lamps

Hydraulic brake hoses

Safety glass

Standard control for automatic transmissions

Internal sun visors

Glare reduction m field of view

Rear vision mirrors

Demisting of windscreens

Windscreen wipers and washers

Location and visibility of instruments

Safety wheel rims

Instrument panels

Head restraints

Anti-theft locks

The dates of application and the classes of vehicles involved vary for each rule, but each Government has agreed to require compliance with the applicable rules before new motor vehicles are registered for the first time.

The applicable legislation appears in the following Acts and/or Regulations made under them:

New South Wales Motor Traffic Act

Victorian Motor Car Act

Queensland Traffic Act

South Australian Road Traffic Act

Western Australian Traffic Act

Tasmanian Traffic Act

Australian Capital Territory Motor Traffic

Ordinance .

Northern Territory Vehicle and Traffic Ordinances

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