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Thursday, 16 September 1971
Page: 1410

Mr ARMITAGE (Chifley) - Mr Speaker,I wish to make a persona] explanation.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! Does the honourable member claim to have been miserpresented?

Mr ARMITAGE - I do. The honourable member for Mitchell (Mr Irwin) stated in the House last night, in my absence, that leaks in respect of the siting of the second international airport came from me. That is not the case. It is obvious from recent articles which have appeared in major Sydney newspapers that confidential information was leaked from Government sources, but this certainly did not come from me, obviously. On 18 March last year I indicated to the House that I had heard that a preliminary land survey for an airport had been made in the Richmond area and that the rumour was that it related to the second airport for Sydney. This was denied by the honourable member for Mitchell, as reported in Hansard of 19th March. He said:

.   . 1 say without fear of contradiction that there has never been a survey of this area for that purpose.

Earlier, he had said:

There is nothing in the suggestion about the establishment of an aerodrome in the area.

It is so that I heard that there had been a survey in the Richmond area for the purpose outlined. But this was common talk around the Richmond, Windsor and surrounding districts at the time. I find it hard to comprehend that the honourable member for Mitchell, who represents the area, had not heard it either there or from his own Government.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I have just had to draw the attention of the House to the fact that members must confine their remarks to explaining where they have been personally misrepresented. I insist upon the honourable member for Chifley confining his remarks to that explanation.

Mr ARMITAGE - Very good, Mr Speaker. This information did not come from any senior public servants, as stated by the honourable member for Mitchell.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! This has nothing to do with the honourable member for Chifley. If he shows exactly where he is involved in the matter I will listen to him, but if he is going to bring in other people and extraneous matters he will have to resume his seat.

Mr ARMITAGE - I will quote from Hansard what the honourable member for Mitchell said last night.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I think that the honourable member for Chifley has made his personal explanation, if I am any judge of the matter.

Mr ARMITAGE - All right. I only wish that the honourable member for Mitchell would put party politics out of this matter and help me prevent the airport from being built in that area.

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