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Wednesday, 15 September 1971
Page: 1313

Mr FitzPATRICK - My question is directed to the Minister for Primary Industry. I refer to the Minister's statement on 20th August concerning assistance to the wool industry and the so called 18 inferior types of wool excluded from the deficiency payment. Is it a fact that by using as a guide the figures for the sale of wool last year 20 per cent of the wool produced in western New South Wales will be excluded from the deficiency payment and that in drought periods this percentage would be higher? Having regard to the vigorous protests of the wool growers in this area and the fact that the Government has often stated that it takes notice of what the industry asks for, will the Minister inform the House whether the Government will consider revising the list of types of wool excluded from the deficiency payment?

Mr SINCLAIR (NEW ENGLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Primary Industry) - The honourable member has suggested that 20 per cent of wool produced in western New South Wales will be among the categories of exclusion which I tabled in this House recently. There is no doubt that in an analysis of these categories of wool unexpected emphasis has been placed on the exclusion of wool grown in some regions. It is my understanding that in New South Wales and Queensland producers will probably find that a larger percentage of their wool will be excluded than would be the case in any other State. As a result wool industry organisations have made submissions to me and 1 am at present in the process of examining very critically the categories of wool to be excluded from the deficiency payment. If there is to be any variation it would, of course, still result in the position being approximately as it is today with the bottom types of wool in terms of value amongst the excluded types. However, as a result of my discussions with industry officials, I have given them an undertaking to look quite critically at the present exclusions to determine whether any adjustment should be made. When I am in a position to advise the honourable member of any decision that I take, I will do so.

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